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Here’s a bit of something that may have managed to fly under your radar. Someone decided to ask Kurt Angle on Twitter, why does WWE announce Nia Jax’s weight, when it doesn’t for anyone else in the division. Kurt responded, bluntly, that it’s because Nia was proud of her weight. She replied to his tweet, as did fellow Superstar and former Divas champion Paige-all positive and supportive.

So why is this a big deal for me?

Because it sends a great message. In my opinion, doing this is as important…probably more so…than anything else WWE has done for it’s female Superstars over the last few years. Look, the old saying goes “you never ask a woman her weight”.  And that may be true and all that. But Nia is happy and healthy and comfortable. No one is denying that, by comparison, she’s a larger woman. But she is not ashamed of it. She embraces it; it’s who she is and she’s every bit as beautiful as any other Superstar WWE employs.

Nowadays, it’s not hard to find examples of fat shaming or body shaming, either in modern media or social media. It’s prevalent, and it’s an easy thing to do (though it’s not right). Nia Jax recognized just how tremendous her opportunity was. She was given a platform few ever have the luxury of having, and she’s doing something that, though it seems so inconsequential and simple, actually resonates with so many young and impressionable people, in particular young woman. Nia Jax is not yet a champion, and she may play a heel at times, but by putting it out there and embracing who she is, she’s allowing herself to be a positive role model and a champion to so many. It’s a big deal, and one she and WWE deserve much credit for.

It’s a far cry from the Playboy-fueled Attitude Era Divas. Back then, Nia Jax wouldn’t have even had much of a chance to make the roster, much less become a featured talent. But now? Now it’s a whole different story. I honestly never gave the mention a second thought until the tweets came out, but seeing it now, and seeing the responses, I commend all involved for how it’s been handled and presented, and it makes me just be that much more a fan of Nia Jax.

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