At Survivor Series, the Wyatt’s are rumored to combine with another superstar (or two) to take on IWC darlings and two of WWE’s top faces, CM Punk and Daniel Bryan, in a traditional 4 on 4 or 5 on 5 SS match. Like we hoped for a few months ago, the WWE has kept Punk and Bryan at or near the top of the card since both were involved in top storylines in the company, respectively. With that, it’s no secret that Creative is setting the Wyatt’s up against the two of the top faces in the company to elevate the Wyatt’s. When you have top face talent like Punk and Bryan, you can do this in a way that helps the Wyatt’s without hurting Punk or Bryan, as both men are highly talented wrestlers beloved by fans.  There were reports that the WWE was leaning towards simply structuring a tag match between Punk/Bryan and Harper/Rowan, but with the way that they’ve been trying to pay homage to the past with various efforts in recent history, I think that they’ll end up making this an 8 or 10 man tag match. When they do that, this match can be used as a nice way to provide more good exposure for the Wyatts and whoever teams with Punk/Bryan for the SS match. S o which midcard wrestlers could be good bets to fit the bill and get a boost by teaming with Punk and Bryan?

Ziggler wins at TLCZiggler- The depths that they’ve dropped him to make me wonder how badly he screwed up a few months ago. The discontent in his body language, tone, and across his face while sitting on that panel at Hell In A Cell told you how much he really wanted to be in the ring to steal the show and amaze fans. He hasn’t been doing anything for a few weeks now, but getting him going again by putting him in this high profile SS match would be a good way to gradually reintroduce him back to the storylines and back to the ranks of high profile work that he deserves. He had a nice win against the quickly declining Curtis Axel on Raw so maybe they’re bringing him back into the fold slowly.

kofi kingston united states championshipKofi Kingston- The usual suspect anytime a midcard face is needed to fill a roster spot for a group match or for an empty singles slot. He’s not particularly bad and has become a much smoother less stiff wrestler, but the WWE hasn’t done anything with him for a while. Although he fought Bray during the time when they “went wrong with Bray,” he could be a good addition to the Survivor Series team that will be created soon.

miz slaterThe Miz- He’s still somewhat feuding with them…or not. Who knows, because creative has little in the way of clear direction for him. It seemed like his work with Bray and the family was going to help him gain exposure and fans as a face, but they short-circuited that. He’s now best known for being a feeble face, and that’s not going to draw cheers. It would make sense for booking to have him join the team, seeing that he never resolved his issue with the Wyatt’s. Then again, WWE booking has been known to make lazy calls.

r-truth merchR-Truth- I’m a fan of his work, and I like what he can do with his character, but this wouldn’t make much sense. The Wyatt’s took out R-Truth more times than Truth’s forgotten what city the company had rolled into. This no knock on him but the belief is that the WWE went wrong with the Wyatt’s by having them take out midcard guys like R-Truth vs having them face top guys like Punk and Bryan . Thus, him being on a team wouldn’t make much sense seeing that they want to move away from this type of work with the Wyatt’s.

514x289xBrodus-Clay-and-Tensai-celebrate-after-their-victory-1327934.jpg.pagespeed.ic.Qh28ZSDt6XTons of Funk- I’d love to see that. Not happening. They’re a kids attraction and although both men have talent, they haven’t seen the light of a PPV in quite some time. Once the WWE made the Funkadactyls the most important part of the group by pushing the Total Divas nonsense, ToF became an afterthought.

Darren Young and Titus ONeilPrime Time Players- Makes sense. It’s clear that the WWE should have big plans for Titus because he has the size, personality, and mic skills to one day be a player in the E. They had a good showing against the Wyatts on last week’s Smackdown, so this would not be too far-fetched. At this point, it’s clear that PTP is really a vehicle to make Titus a star, and a good showing in a SS match alongside Punk and Bryan against the Wyatts could go far in helping to elevate Titus.

big e langstonBig E Langston- He doesn’t have a particular feud that he’s in at the moment, but they’re already elevating him nicely without the need of other faces. He’s done very well in singles matches both with Dean Ambrose and WWE Champion Randy Orton, and is quickly becoming a problem for high profile heels. He wouldn’t need this match the same way other people on this list might–He’s supposed to eventually square off with Ryback– so I wouldn’t see why he’d be added to a Punk/Bryan team. With WWE logic and the way booking has gone recently, (yes, I’m talking about the Big Red Yes-Man, Kane) that may make give them all the more reason to throw them in this match.

These are a few of the available wrestlers who could be brought in to the Survivor Series match to join Punk and Bryan in a way that would help the midcard faces. If the match is 4 on 4, it’d be fun to see Punk and Bryan bring along Titus and Darren to fight the Wyatt’s. If it’s an old-school 5-on-5 Survivor Series match, then maybe a few singles star teaming with Punk and Bryan wouldn’t be too bad. Still, the WWE needs to use this match to elevate the Wyatt’s and a few more stars who could use more exposure and the shine that would come from being associated with Punk and Bryan.

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