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Yes, the double-pin of Bray Wyatt by Seth Rollins and Finn Balor during the five-way bout this past Monday Night RAW to figure out the final competitor for February’s Elimination Chamber match was a bit hokey, but it accomplished a lot. It placed two deserving superstars in a number one contender’s match at Elimination Chamber and has finally helped Seth Rollins shake off his tag team division status, shifting him back to a main eventer.

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An announcement was made last night via Facebook Live by RAW GM Kurt Angle, that both Balor and Rollins would be added to the first-ever seven-man Elimination Chamber match during the pay-per-view of the same name, taking place on February 25th.

Seth Rollins has played an interesting role in the WWE as of late. Everyone was very excited when he and Dean Ambrose finally made amends in late 2017; however, thanks to viral infections and injuries, The Shield reunion many were excited to see lacked tremendous luster. It really wasn’t anyone’s fault, it was bad timing and just how the proverbial ball bounced. Add to that, Dean-O’s replacement (who was also Rollins’ rumored Wrestlemania 34 opponent), Jason Jordan, is also off right now, thanks to a neck injury, and it seemed Rollins was teetering on irrelevancy. As much as he’s been able to remain healthy, it seems like everyone around him was (and is) dropping like flies.

Therefore, it was a welcome change that the once-planned four-way match for the February 12th edition of RAW turned into a five-way. While a clean finish with one winner would have been nice, adding Balor and Rollins both into the Elimination Chamber mix is a good thing. They are two incredible competitors for a flair to enhance the action within a match and adding them both to this EC bout will only make things better. While the outcome may seem clear in that all arrows point to a Roman Reigns’ win at this point, to move forward and face Universal Champions Brock Lesnar at WM 34,  including both Balor and Rollins vindicate their status as main event players within RAW and will only help elevate the stakes come February 25th.

Moreover, we can officially bid Rollins tag team division days adieu. While it was great to see him enhance the tag action through his championship wins with both Dean Ambrose and Jason Jordan, not to mention the epic matches he had with The Bar’s Cesaro and Sheamus, entering the Elimination Chamber match is a big step in the right direction for Rollins to re-enter RAW’s singles and main event scene. He does his best work on his own and it has been a long while since the WWE Universe has seen him remotely in any type of title race picture.

I don’t think he’ll win EC at this point in time, he just might be on of the final three remaining in that chamber and when all is said and done potentially the best part of this all is that Rollins in not only back in RAW’s main event picture, but he’ll also be making history as a part of WWE’s first seven-man Elimination Chamber match. Proving that WWE Officials have not lost faith in Rollins as one of their top superstars on either brand.

WNZ fans! Are you glad to see Seth Rollins back in the main event scene and a part of the first-ever seven-man elimination chamber? Leave your comments below!

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