After what I felt was a pretty action-packed week last week following the PPV, we seem to be entering a brief lull before the build up to Survivor Series really ratchets up. That’s not to say it was a totally dead week-we do have a main event for the PPV booked, however underwhelming some may feel that it is. Personally, I felt like Bryan was abruptly pushed off the main event stage, and Big Show, while getting a pop, is not the best choice to be replacing Daniel. I certainly don’t imagine a scenario in which Orton drops the strap to Show at this point….

That being said, as always I’ve had a good amount of comments to review, and I’ve selected a number of ones which I felt were the cream of the crop for this week.

From my Why I Rarely Watch TNA piece:

Damian Starr :”Having only started watching in 2011, all new to the wrestling experience, couldn’t watch WWE didn’t have the means to. But in the UK TNA is surprisingly big, it’s on free TV so anyone can see it unlike WWE. I’ve gone around and seen TNA merch about, much more than WWE (probably because the ones watching TNA are full time wrestling fans). I have only experienced the ‘bad times’ of TNA and i actually have quite enjoyed it. If TNA could return to the better times, i think i might just wet myself a little! Everyone knows a little competition is good for any business, long live TNA in my books”


z…. :”You missed out until January 2010…since then, not so much. To be fair though, I dont know how you can still watch WWE. I gave up there 5 years ago, and limited my exposure for 2 years prior to that. As bad as TNA has been since January 2010, it was definitely still better than WWE at times (though that isnt really saying much). Right now though, I cant really say anything b/c I’m done with both…One thing you can count on with TNA though is seeing them put on a great match”

From Adrian’s Smackdown in a Nutshell piece:

Edynol: ”

I think the LOL moment of the night was Cena’s opening promo. “It’s not delivery. it’s Cesaro!” That had my rolling for like 10 minutes. I know most on here prefer intense, serious promos, but I love the funny ones and Cena was spot on in this one.

I am also glad Sandow is still in the picture with Cena as well. Glad what happened Monday wasn’t just some way to get him out of the title picture completely because I was afraid that we see more ADR vs Cena with Sandow being totally forgotten. BTW, where was ADR? Is he taking some time off or something?”


JH: ”

Loved seeing Cena on Smackdown, it’s only a week in and I’ve already enjoyed his WHC title run more than his entire WWE title run earlier this year.

Also, watching Cena interact with Cesaro and Sandow was awesome, if his title reign includes some feuds with both of those guys I will be an extremely happy viewer.”

From my Do the Wyatts Hold the Answers:

CatchWreslter1: “I could see the Wyatt’s replacing the Shield for the next few months…maybe Triple H and Stephanie come down hard on The Shield for not getting the job done (adding fuel to the disbanding rumors) and hire The Wyatts to do their dirty work…”

From Jonathan Essington’s Overdue: Recognition for the Real Americans:

HeelSean : “They’re a great tag team and Zeb’s brilliant on the mic. Unfortunately I can’t see them taking the titles because I think Rhodes brothers will hold til just after the RR and then lose them to start their feud to WM. I know HHH is pretty clueless but the tag team division actually has improved. The Usos are now a really good tag team, the shield are brilliant, Swagger/Cesaro are great and even Los matadores are pretty fun to watch…. I nearly forgot about the greatest tag team though, 3 MB”
From Essington’s Kane: Bad Booking or keen psychology
MachoMan : “It’s just bad booking. If WWE was going to have Punk and Bryan feud with the Wyatts why wouldn’t you of just kept Kane as a face and had him team with Punk and Bryan against the Wyatts? You already had Kane feuding with the Wyatts and Kane and Bryan were partners not to long ago I mean it seems to fit perfect to me. I think WWE creative has been VERY lackluster the last year or so.”
From Mr. Arnold’s Slobbernocking Good Advice
jcice13: “don’t you think they’re booking bryan the way they are is because the money for a face is in the chase???? or when he’s on the top the fear of him losing the title to the monster heel who it seems he has no chance of beating??? I honestly can’t see how putting bryan at the top for the last few months in all the main events and prime times on raw is burying him, I think it makes him even more popular and the fans back him stronger for it..that’s the idea of antagonist/ some might not like how it’s being booked but to say bryan is being buried because he didn’t win the title against insurmountable odds? that’s not a burial, that’s just the storyline and the last time I checked he’s still going to be in the mix at the top of the roster”
From Adrian’s RAW in a Nutshell:
Chelsii : “How newbies like Eva can still be on Raw regularly with 3 months worth of training is distasteful. There are so many other women deserving (and ready) to be on the main roster, send this guppy back to the pond of NXT. She shouldn’t be in the ocean with the big fish.”
It wasn’t an easy choice this week, but our comment of the week was made by…..Chelsii!

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