Well folks, we are quickly heading into the last month of the year. Survivor Series is in the books, the turkey has been carved and many of us are staring at a ton of leftovers. And, as I write this late on Thankgiving, here are the comments I was most thankful for this week!

From the Staff’s Suvivor Series predictions piece:

Poppy’s Hammer ”

“Cena gets arm literally ripped off, loses more blood than most people have in their body, slips into a coma mid-match but wakes up on the stretcher, sprints back to the ring, hits an AA and wins the match.” This was by far the best part out of the whole Article, nicely put Jonathan.

Honestly, I am just going to wait for the 5 vs 5 Elimination match, the Diva’s elimination match and Punk/Bryan vs Wyatts, everything else is pointless too watch and doesn’t make me personally give a crap about them.”

From my own Seven Reasons why SS will disappoint:

xXwindsofchangeXx: “I don’t expect to be disappointed by Survivor Series… because being disappointed implies that you set your expectations high to begin with.”

From Essington’s Survivor Series A Unique Perspective:

Reverend Scurvy: “I can answer your final question. The WWE hierarchy (Vince, HHH,Stephanie, etc.) either don’t
believe that there is a corner that needs to be turned, or they don’t believe they need any help navigating it. If they did, they would have Heyman in charge of creative and JR would still be around.”

From Adrian’s Survivor Series in a Nutshell:

Hamze el Haj: ”

the title vs title needs to happen at the royal rumble, not wrestlemania! im a cena fan but i cant stand another long feud with randy! i just dont like randy orton anymore! 5 years ago he would deliver the best title vs title match with cena, but now he is a slow and a boring wrestler, and i think that was clear in last night’s match! Have the match at the royal rumble, let Cena win (logic says that Randy cant be the champion going to Wrestlemania), have somebody like Brayen win the Royal Rumble match, only for someone unexpected to win a #1 contender match for the title (let it be Punk maybe) and have a big wrestlemania main event. You may argue that it would be bad putting two men who are great wrestlers with super cena, but 3 faces in the main event would be beyond awesome, because quite frankly. i cant see Steve Austin returning at wrestlemania to face CM Punk, and i would certainly like to see Brayen and Punk headline the biggest show of the year, but the WWE wouldnt allow the show to close without its superman present, right? so do that and make history! Smackdown should have the intercontinental championship, and it shall have all the glory back!

One thing WWE can go with, is to put either Punk or Brayen against the Undertaker this year. this year is expected to be the final wrestlemania for the deadman, so why should we give the honor of ending the streak (or simply being the last wrestler the undertaker faced) to a superstar who appears twice a year like brock, or to a star who just cant draw like he once did 2 years ago (Ryback). Have Punk or Brayen end the streak, and have a new face of the WWE. Cena draws, but these two can be the next Stone Cold.

Whatever the WWE does, the title vs title match CANT headline wrestlemania! if it does, then i dont think i’ll pay to watch it this time.”

And this week’s award goes to…..Hamze el Haj!

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