I will admit it folks. I still cannot believe that we are in December. We’ve practically made it through a whole year, though the end of year PPVs remain before it’s really time for the Holidays. But I will save the waxing poetic for another post at another time. For now, let’s just look back on the last seven days, and the memorable comments that were produced!

From Essington’s Dynamic Duos:

B-Ped : “Sheamus and Barrett would be AMAZING, especially if they let Sheamus go back to his brutal ways, and let Barrett be as vicious as he has been in the past with Nexus. Make Barrett the mouthpiece, have Sheamus be a quiet, brooding tough guy. I’d fully support this team.”

Sonik : Fun fact – Johnny Curtis (a.k.a. Fandango) won 4th season of NXT and the prize was WWE tag team championship match. Johnny’s partner was supposed to be his NXT pro, which was… R-Truth.

From Mr. Arnold’s Will the WWE Network Kill Wrestling on PPV:

Nick Turner: Here is where I think they are going to run into trouble. If this was 15 years ago and I wanted to get the WWE network I would have to ask my mom. They have a huge fan base of younger kids. And a lot of parents aren’t going to be willing to shell out the money to pay for a channel that they won’t watch. I would like to see the numbers for the members of the Universe that are under 18.
I know Vincent thinks that his product is better than it is. They want this mega super do all multimedia juggernaut but they aren’t. Their basic product, wrestling, is somewhat suffering in the eyes of some. And the ones who are not happy are the really hard core fans who would be pegged, at least in my mind, as the base group of people who would subscribe.
That being said, I think it could be succesful. I loved classics on demand. And I love legends roundtable. But the problem is I don’t think these things are going to be the focus. For some reason I think this channel is going to be light on the classic stuff. They will pump the network full of total divas and the rumored legends house. And their subpar movies. Because they think this is what people watch. But that’s not what will sell subscriptions. If they gave the PPVs with the subscription I would buy it just because it would save me money since I am one of those fools who still buy the PPVs. I would at the very least subscribe the first month just to see what it was. I think they will have huge numbers if and when it launches. I don’t see them sustaining those numbers for the long term. They aren’t going to give the people willing to pony up the cash the content that they want. Any interesting programming they could create will be overshadowed by the non wrestling garbage that this wrestling company wants to create. If I do become a subscriber I will cancel at the first signs of a total divas marathon. Because that is not what I want to see but what WWE thinks I want to see. So I think their downfall will be the lackluster programing more than anything that will drive it into the ground.

The Wall Breakers: I’m actually kind of giddy about this because I think it will be a major flop that might force the corporate shareholders to let PRO WRESTLING people take PRO WRESTLING back to the point it was 15 years ago, hell even 10 years ago.

The WWE, if it were running against any other real company right now would be in a world of trouble, not because of money, but because of poor decision making, booking, and general story lines. I think it speaks volumes that the “creative team” only handles the story lines, but other people (road agents?) handle the finishes.

There’s a major disconnect behind the scenes that’s plainly obvious to every educated fan watching. The WWE is making all the terrible mistakes that WCW made in their corporate environment between late 1997 – 2001, they’re just “getting away” with it for now because there’s no real competition, and so long as TNA keeps hiring the same stooges that used to work for WWE, they’ll never be real competition.

Damian Starr: The way I see this is that you are still paying for what you are seeing regardless so nothing about it is free… however I do have to agree that it will make the PPV-quality events seem less special because thats what has happened with TNA their PPV-quality events aren’t as special any more because you can’t tell the difference between them and a normal episode of impact. In regards to the network failing, even if it does, the WWE will still be financially healthy, just not the billion dollar company they currently are though

From my Year End Review: WWE Creative:

HeelSean :Personally I think it’s been one of the worse years in recent history. With the exception of Daniel Bryan having a great run as number 1 face, the only thing wwe has done really well this year is the handling of the shield. They are all brilliant in singles and even better in tag matches. The fact wwe is still putting big show in main event feuds is just terrible and now ending the year on a feud that we’ve had to see for nearly 10 years just shows the lack of creativity.

And from my What We Learned on RAW:

Will : What we learnt on raw is what everyone knew would happen when cena came back. Even as the whc cena is STILL involved in the wwe title picture. What happened to putting the big gold belt on cena to give it some prestige back?? Is wwe that desperate for ratings they’re having a title unification match now and NOT wrestlemania xxx? A big match like this should be on the biggest stage of them all, not a ppv that will probably be repackaged in the next 18-24 months

We had a few pieces that really generated some good commenting, which made my life both easier and harder-easier because there was plenty to choose from, harder because we had quite a few really excellent posts. But, since there can be only one….this week’s winner is….The Wall Breakers!
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