The comments are in and apparently watching a 500-pound wrestler who is also seven feet tall crying left an impression. Most, not all, of the readers really focused on this image and it’s understood. It’s not every day one spots a fella that can palm Hornswoggles’ head balling his eyes out. Then again, dig deep enough into the WWE archives and there are several examples of a sobbing Big Show. Well, on to some of the best remarks as we kick ourselves that summer vacation is coming to a close.

“If I was in charge, which of course im not, I would eliminate the WHC thus elevating the IC back to #2 on the title food chain. Then I would treat the US title as a de facto TV title making it 3rd in the pecking order.

In doing this you could in the course of the HHH/Orton storyline book a face to win the title over ADR and then have HHH come out and strip him of the title saying the spotlight should always be on the WWE title and there isnt room for 2 at the top etc. Big Show would be perfect for this given what HHH has put him through so far this would likely send him over the edge. This would also set up a next challenger in line after Bryan assuming that they keep the belt on Orton for a while.

Then everyone else at the top of the card that isnt in the WWE title program along with the upper mid card guys would compete for the IC belt with the true mid card title being the US title which is defending primarily on TV.

This would elevate the IC belt back where it should be by having guys like Punk, Cena, Bryan, Sheamus, Ziggler, RVD etc. all fighting for it instead of having someone like Punk take a perceived step down to go save the IC title.

Then the guys like Kingston, Fandango, Ryder etc. along with guys who arent involved with a program at the IC level would compete for the US belt. And by keeping it as a mostly TV title it would get extra exposure as well.”

“I think it is too late in Christian’s career for WWE to push him hard enough to make up for ALL the bad bookings they have put his way over the years, however I DO think he deserves one great run to cement his legacy.

I think they should let him win the 2014 Royal Rumble, challenge for the WHC at WM30 (the WWE title will probably be tied up with Orton / Bryan / Corporation feud) and have an epic WM moment with a win, followed by a lengthy 6 – 8 month reign were he defeats any and all comers and really impresses so THAT is what he remembered for and not some rubbish reign and a feud with Orton 2 years ago. At the end of his reign, him losing the belt should be a big deal – like it was when Punk finally lost – and that opportunity should be used to put over the next great under-rated guy…. Dolph Ziggler – whilst I don’t think it is fair to have Dolph wait that long to FINALLY get his moment, Christian deserves a run and he is running out of time to put the icing on the cake of his illustrious career.”

“Big Show is broke? Really? just like HBK was broke a few yrs back…right lol”

“What makes me mad is that Daniel Bryan gets beat up every single night Enough Already! Let the man get his revenge, and i also like the #1 contenders Diva Title match i hope either Natalya or Naomi wins, and back to the Daniel Bryan segment The Big Show looked like a big dummy standing their crying.And i say it once i say it again all of the guys are standing their like scared little girls like they are so afraid.”

“I hate it when my hand cramps like this! It hurts!!”

“I would like to see Mitchell get a good run in WWE. He was on a WWECW PPV for one night. He did wonders as the mouthpiece for Abyss.”

“Triple H has been awesome, and given his lofty job title he can do what he wants, he’s Vince’s successor both on screen and off, this angle isn’t about getting HHH’s character over so I don’t see HHH’s real life ego at all in the, the entire angle is built around stacking all the odds against Bryan, and when it’s all said and done, he’s probably going to come out on top and establish himself as one of the tippy top dogs in the WWE.”

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