While it’s cold outside in many parts of the United States, the wrestling action is heating up just before things slow down for the holidays.

That being said, let’s take a look at the action from this past week’s comments section!

From Marc Middleton’s RAW Play by Play:

Will: “How about this for the TLC world title match ending. As orton or cena are climbing up the ladder to get the titles, hhh music hits, he comes out in his ring gear and lays both men out and grabs the titles. On Monday he says orton and cena don’t deserve to be the face of wwe, he does (coz u know…it’ll fit his ego) and he will only defend the title on ppv. Orton and cena both challenge hhh in a triple threat, with hunter winning. Hunter defends against whoever fills the main event spot, holds the titles until WM XXX. Punk or bryan (most likely bryan atm) wins the rumble and faces hhh at WM XXX and bryan finally wins. This will bring closure to the bryan/authority angle because if that rivalry ended as it did then WWE pissed off a LOT of people. If punk wins it’ll bring closure to the punk/hhh angle that never really saw an ending a few year back (and was slightly resurrected recently). I would have also said kane but, I don’t know, it doesn’t seem fitting for kane to do that right now and I don’t see a reason for him to feud with punk, there is a reason to feud with bryan. But I just don’t see kane becoming the ‘unified champion’. It would be another big twist but I just don’t see kane involved like that. Cena and orton can face each other at WM XXX, close out their ’10 years in the making rivalry’ in an iron man match (since we haven’t seen one for a while now) or some other gimmick match. Either way, WWE have to make this interesting because creative are losing the plot.”

From Adrian’s RAW in a nutshell:

Jacob’s Verbal Fist: “Bret smirking at Orton in a ‘b*tch, please’ fashion and Punk slapping a hand to his forehead and laughing out loud when Steph tried to pretend Trips was the greatest Champion in the ring were also highlights.”

and HDZ: “One of the best finish for RAW. Really loved how all the fans kept chanting “Daniel Bryan” and “YES,YES,YES” non-stop and then Cena mentioning that he wants a re-match with him, awesome. Still, I can’t believe AJ did not won Diva of the year, by far she has done way more in that ring than any other diva, except for Kaitlyn; Eva Marie as a nominee was a joke, just, why? The Deadman vs CM Punk was the best match of the year in my opinion, Rock vs Cena was ok, but as a view of “what’s best for business” that match has to be the “match of the year”. Dean Ambrose vs CM Punk and Sin Cara vs ADR were just awesome. Both matches were incredible, hope to see more of them in the future and the way the “new” Sin Cara is going, I really want to see him at a level like Rey.”

From Zach Arnold’s WWE’s violation of the Golden Rule:

jcice13 :”golden rule of wrestling????? and all this time I thought the golden rule was to have a logical meaningful long term story line that makes sense? and to all the people who think that the WWE doesn’t know what they have with bryan calm the hell down, do you REALLY think they can’t hear the reactions from the crowd??? helen keller can hear it, and to say that HHH ‘s look on his face was shock or surprise?? come on the guy has been a top level actor for over 15 years, he knows how to show expression,and how and when it’s needed, now if you said it was dixie carter then you’d have a strong point. I for one am a big bryan fan, think he’s great and yet I have zero problem in booking a face who has a big uphill climb to the top, one that looks almost impossible with tons of road blocks thrown his way that he navigates through and moves ahead. I like when a story takes time, when it’s not just thrown together at the last minute, and then finally culminates in what the fans want to see the hero accomplish, the greatest angle of all time was ole anderson turning on dusty roads in the omni and that took at least a year and was plotted out step by step and when it finally happened ole had a logical reason for each and every step, that’s what makes an angle.
so IMO just calm down relax and try to enjoy because some time in the future bryan will gat his reward and when it happens the place with have the roof blown off”

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