With Money in the Bank (MITB) days away and the long awaited debut of the Wyatt family finally occurring, this week the WNZ fans focused mostly on those two subjects. Of course there was the usual bashing of TNA Wrestling (sometimes they truly deserve it) and the weekly caption article features Bray Wyatt. If there’s an extra few minutes in one’s day, check out the coverage of MITB. It’s only Friday morning, so stay with WNZ for even more previews of the pay-per-view. The staff has been working like crazy this past week as the writers are putting WNZ over more than Chris Jericho does for future stars. Enough of this plugging of WNZ as we know you already love us. On that queue, let’s get into some comments.

“I expected hogan to be here for the ‘i’m the right gay guy at the wrong time’ promo.”

“TNA is becoming a joke! Seriously, in 2009 and down TNA was showing great growth then something happen. Someone told them the Six-Side wasn’t wrestle, They knockout division has to become more DIVA! Someone told them that TNA wasn’t enough, call it it IMPACT Wrestling! Please tell what impact have you made since Angle coming to TNA”

“There are a lot of WWE and TNA nuthuggers out there and will defend their favorite company til they die! These nuthuggers are blinded by their allegiance and can’t properly criticize or evaluate the company’s product. TNA and WWE’s products are stale for the most part!

TNA is paying the Hogans a butt-load of money and their product is financially crippled because of it! Until TNA cuts ties with the Hogans, TNA will keep bleeding money until they go out of business. At this point TNA’s video catalog is worth more than the company is!”

“I agree with everything stated here. Aires > Sabin > Sting in 2013 > Hogan in any era”

“I believe that Austin is too good to be killed like that, to the average fan, he’s still the same.
They didn’t kill Austin, they killed the storyline.
However, they buried Suicide with absolutely no way for him to come back, I mean, if he got squashed by a 5 ton truck over & over again, in the hot dessert, under the flaming sun, during an earthquake, while getting but by a snake in his holy grail, he would not get hurt like he was by this stupid move …”

“Aaron you obviously haven’t watched Chris Sabin over the years. That guy can go in the ring. Some of the best matches I have seen involved Chris Sabin. Go watch the Motor City Machine Guns against Beer Money best of 5 series. Un real matches. You hating on Sabin shows that you don’t watch TNA so you have no right to say anything about it.”

“atlest when jeff jerrett was running things the xdevison ment something”

“1. The most brilliant thing about the Wyatt Family is the lack of work Creative needs to put into them. Bray Wyatt is a genius character, and it’s all 100% Rotunda. If you watch his promos, he doesn’t really say anything that would ever cross over the line of PG. Yet, still a child’s stomach might turn and a few handfuls of people may become offended because the character is this dark, gritty madman with a messiah-like-complex, and who says these wildly outlandish, sometimes nonsensical, and often very creepy things about himself and his Family. It’s for this reason, I’m more than confident they will have no problem making a statement tonight. As to how they’re to be used and allowed to make that statement, just give them a microphone and someone to destroy. They’ll make a squash debut more entertaining than anyone in recent memory.

2. So long as the Dead-Man has got it in the tank and doesn’t mind going, what’s the deal? You can’t tell me less people are going to order WrestleMania if the Undertaker wrestles at SummerSlam, or that no one will care if Taker’s wrestling because it’s not WrestleMania. It’s very good if Taker can come back and work one of the Big Four every once in a while. Unfortunately, as profitable as The Streak is, working a guaranteed won match once a year causes problems when you have a young talent pool that desperately need more veterans to put them over (Chris Jericho can only do so much!). Brothers of Destruction taking on The Shield at SummerSlam seems like the optimum way for the Undertaker to return outside of Mania as he can both lose the match without being the one who’s pinned and will also remain better protected through the in-and-outs of a tag-team match.

3. I personally think that MVP deserves a big return and shot at the main-event scene. I could list a bunch of guys who’ve left over the recent years who I’d like to see return, but the biggest one is Colt Cabana. How no promoter can see money in that man, I will never understand.

4. Are the MITB matches this year predictabl? Yeah, I guess, but what are the major predictions? That Daniel Bryan is going to win the WWE Title Briefcase while Dean Ambrose and The Shield will take The World Title’s? Vince McMahon could tweet that this is going to happen and I’ll still pay money to see it.”

“1- The Wyatt Family are great , Bray has a unique gimmick .. they will debut beating up maybe 3mb ” I hope not ” if they beat up ” the shield ” or a top superstars , that would be an amazing and strong debut for the eaters of the world.

2- Of course I wanna Taker to appear at summerslam for that match ,it will not lessen the appeal so much as we hope to see him anyway .. it makes a complete sense as u mentioned .

3- It’s Kurt Angle of course .. I hope he finishes his career at WWE .. he can make really great feuds with many current wrestlers he never faced or never faced the new face of them like Punk , Orton and more .. also Jeff Hardy as a high risk one , I love that style of wrestling .

4- I think Daniel Bryan is a predictable one to win the wwe money in the bank match as he began to have a great pushes for the last month as he also made Orton to tape out and more important , he never won the WWE championship .. Orton may cost Sheamus that match by RKO him on top of the Ladder or doing something dirty to him to make Sheamus upset with Orton ,so the feud begins for Summerslam . Christian , can’t see him winning it , he may feud with Ambrose for the US at Summerslam .. Kane has Zero chances to win it , he is old , doesn’t draw money , can’t attract fans and many other reasons prevent him to win it , he maybe team with Taker to take on Shield at Summerslam , or Maybe a storyline begins with RVD , they remember their past and they make a tag team again ” that would be epic ” .. CM Punk will feud with Lesnar for Summerslam as we all know , he maybe cost Punk the match at MITB to spice things up .. so my choice for wwe mitb is ” Daniel Bryan ” but really really , I would like to see Randy Orton champion again.

– I like Wade Barrett and hope he wins. but he will not draw as a heel or as a face just coz of his aggressive style of talking unless he changes it to gain crowd , he maybe a great face WHC .. but for me, I like him anyway he is awesome. also Cody Rhodes deserves to win it , it’s been long since he won the IC that he lost at Over The Limit 2012 for returning Christian , he also has a great chance to win it and become new WHC .. Antonio Cesaro , that man is awesome , I like him so much , he’s so
strong and skillful , he has a great future at WWE so he may also win  it .. Damien Sandow is good on mic and has a good heat , but can’t see him winning it , coz he needs to win a 2nd degree title first like the US or the IC , Swagger is out of it for now , Fandango may go for the IC again after the MITB PPV .. Dean Ambrose , he is awesome on mic , has great skills in ring but needs to provide more , If he wins it , it wouldn’t make sense now , as he has the US and he may defend it against Christian at Summerslam .. If he wins it , he will waste a long awaited chances for the other competitors in that match that I mentioned their cases .. but he is a future WHC no doubt .”

“get stuff as usual, i agree, magnus is looking the better at the moment and as a tag team they would be unstoppable! hmmm can’t find a suitable opponent for sabin, and the other match i have in mind, doug williams vs william regal, williams doesn’t technically work for tna any more :S”

“What a fantastic main event and a little side note. Does it seem to anyone else besides me we’re seeing less of John Cena each week?”

“I literately had chills when the Wyatt Family showed up! That was epic!”

“Kane and Undertaker vs. the Wyatt Family at Summerslam, Leading into Kane vs. Bray…where Kane loses…then Undertaker vs. Bray at Wrestlemania…That’s the sight I’m having.”

“im watching the best of wcw nitro”

“I don’t understand why Cara still gets his own lighting.”

“That’s funny. Fans booing Vickie (a heel) is bad for business but it is okay for fans to boo the face of the company (a face).”

“The irony of Axel’s first lost being to Jericho who his entire recent run has been putting people over.”

“Does Cena even realize how badly he buries people when he says things like “your whole 17-year career means nothing if (knowing he will) you lose”? THAT’S what I hate about Cena. It’s despicable. If they’re going to feed people to him, the least he could do is put them over, but no, he buries them 12ft, as if it’s going to make him any more over. God, I hate this man. I’m done with Raw for tonight.”

“Ok i come back to see Cena attempting the AA but get’s squished by Henry? And then a world’s strongest slam? Great the storyline is going to be “How can Cena lift up and hit the AA on Henry? ” Then “OMG look at the strength of Cena! 400 pounds of mass destruction on his shoulders! How did he lift Henry up? ” Dumb we seen it happened 10,000 times before god.”

“i dont think championship matches should B on the Kick off show….*Ziggler Voice* But Whatevs…”

“Im still trying to figure out how they screwed up Christians entrance. Why would they even have a Michael Mcgillicutty name still saved in there? Also the whole HHH Vince and Steph job review was awful. Maybe i am the only one but i could not care less about Vince and Steph in the storylines these days. The only Mcmahon i would be interested in seeing is Shane O Mac. I miss him.”

“does anyone else think it might be time for a couple of new announcers on raw? how many times did JBL say “this is a great start to raw” during that first match? liked him with simmons but as an announcer he’s just not all that good and poor king, his act is really old and his jokes are older, does anyone know if the wwe is grooming anyone to be a replacement? and this is in no way a vote of confidence for cole but if he has 2 guys with him that aren’t that good he looks bad just being there between them. Look I’m not saying that I can do a better job that would be ludicrous, but all the people I talk wrestling to feel that the announcers are weak”

“The Wyatt Family debut could have been so much better if WWE didn’t say they were coming next week, I suspected Kane would be something to do with since Kane isn’t doing much story wise.

Think Miz is getting really annoying again, he’s now like the Cena of the intercontinental title.

And the Ryback hug thing was weird but I some way I thought it made sense kind of & could set up Triple H vs Ryback.”

“It’s probably just me but i don’t find the Wyatt debut that spectacular. The entrance was cool, but the overall debut was kind of lackluster in my book. Just another boring beat-down. Nothing too out there.”

“Too soon in his career, not enough setup. Not to mention Bray wouldn’t really thrive in that sort of match, IMO. More likely options:

1.) Kane’s head is made of titanium alloy – he comes back like nothing happened. (Although, given the way they’ve treated in-storyline head injuries lately, makes this unlikely.)

2.) Kane’s replaced by a returning Kofi Kingston… this is right around the timetable they gave for Kingston’s return, and Kingston ALWAYS ends up in this match if he’s available, because of the spots he can do.
— 2a.) A Jack Swagger or someone like that is pulled from the SD match and moved to the RAW match, and Kofi Kingston fills the empty slot in the SD match instead.

3.) Kane’s replaced by a returning Evan Bourne – WWE won’t announce his identity and people that don’t read the dirtsheets (i.e.: most casuals) won’t know a thing until his music hits right before the match, resulting in a nice markout moment.
— 3a.) See 2a. Replace all instances of “Kofi Kingston” with “Evan Bourne.”

4.) See 2a/3a, except nobody fills the vacated spot in the SD match, giving us two 6-man ladder matches instead of one 6-man match and one 7-man match (which is too many IMO)”

“I’ll never understand why people like Wade Barrett so much. Wade is boring in the ring.

Damien Sandow needs to win the briefcase, he’s a future star”

“The Green Lantern has really let himself go…”

“Hmm, I wander if creative will go for that rocking chair on a pole match at Summerslam?”

“I think that the Wyatt family attacked Kane as a way to say we are the real “monsters”, next they will go after Undertaker, Dean Ambrose, Ryback, Randy Orton, Mark Henry,etc….(just a thought)”

“I agree a lot with the article in regards to the Wyatt Family. I enjoyed the entrance of the Wyatt Family. I feel though the entrance we saw with the lantern mood lighting + music & while in the ring a strange silence except a creaking rocking chair would of been enough of an impact for me.

The wolf pack mentality for The Shield “For Justice” works for the Shield. So I saw the beat down on Kane as being unnessary. Unless the attack is part of a storyline feud with Kane? or perhaps having Kane get sucked in & joining the Wyatt family? Then I suppose I could see the point, but would of made more sense in their second appearance or third. I would like to see I feel it be interesting to have the Wyatt Family ‘attack’ on a more ‘psycho-logical’ level if you know what I mean. Of course things will get physical but have that be their angle. I am just hoping from this point forward the writering & booking is done right.

I totally agree the Husky chants gave the moment debut a bit less steam, almost like someone sucked the air out. I mean I don’t hear “Isaac” chants for Kane nor do I want to. Anyhow I am looking forward to seeing great things from the Wyatt Family.”

“If Cena loses to a D-Bry cash-in at Summerslam, he will be 0-4 in briefcase cash-in matches.”

“The problem with Ziggler’s cash in was that it wasn’t at wrestlemania, that could have been a great moment in wrestlemania history, and it didn’t really make sense at the time for swagger and Del Rio to be wrestling the night after raw either, oh sorry swagger you lost at mania in a snooze fest, have another go the next night as well.”

“I Think Cesaro, as a lot more of Charisma than Swagger does have…. If he win the Briefcase it would be fair, and great… Cesaro, Rhodes or Ambrose.. (I Know Barret, es the favorite of many, but for me he is just an upper midcarder, and Swagger too..)”

“I love the work that Henry has been doing over the past couple of years and these past few weeks have been amazing for him. I’d love to see him have a run with the title and eventually feud and drop it to Bryan. The big monster vs little underdog story would be an easy one for people to get behind, it’ll also give Bryan a chance to be pushed as being a great wrestler who’s quite aggressive when fighting as opposed to a nutjob lol”

“Agreed. Now that Jericho leaves again to tour with Fozzy it is the perfect timing for WWE to get another veteran who puts over talent.”

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