As we go full speed ahead toward Survivor Series, it felt like the calm before the storm. The big news of the week, for me, was Big E. capturing IC gold on Monday. With the big PPV coming on Sunday, next week should be even more entertaining.

Without any further delay, here are the comments of the week!

From Zack’s TNA’s Situation summed up in one sentence:

Damian Starr: Anderson as a heel is hilarious, seriously he would have been a better leader of the aces and 8’s than bully! Anderson obviously can wrestle otherwise he wouldn’t have worked in the two biggest promotions in the USA… Abyss/JP can wrestle and is a damn good wrestler, he is portraying someone who is green and goofy but as soon as he gets his mask back on and doing that monsters ball in the one night only i think we will get reminded what we have been missing! And obviously Dixie didn’t actually forget the name of Sabin, she was playing a character… I believe it’s known as keyfabe? And Zach, nice 800 word sentence… did you even pass English at school?



I think you’re definitely wrong about Anderson, the guy could be draw for TNA if they actually decide where they’re going with his character and stick with it. He’s had too many turns in a very short amount of time which is why TNA isn’t getting what they could out of him and fas don’t know how to react to him. I’m also not sure he’s as motivated as he was when he first joined the roster so some time off TV could do his character some good. Anderson isn’t being pushed as the top babyface, as any top babyfaces and heels are in the tournament fighting to be crowned the new champion which will eventually lead to a big showdown with the real top babyface, AJ Styles.

Aries doing a 450 would’ve softened Angle up for the Last Chancery as the move seems to focus on cranking the neck and mid section. Also it’s not uncommon in a submission to eventually use big moves to damage your opponent and wear them out -___-

TNA defo has problems that they need to fix but if they book this tournament, and the subsequent stories that’ll come from it, correctly then we’ll see a solid main event scene with some quality babyfaces and heels. WWE has problems too. Both promotions would do well to sort these issues out.

From Alex Giardini’s Surivor Series Dream Card


WTF is this?
This card is nothing more than awful.
A bunch of random matches.
I know Survivor Series needs the tag team matches
but it gets boring if every damn match is a tag team match.
And Ryback vs R-Truth? Really? How the f**k can you call this a dream card?

From Adrian’s RAW in a Nutshell

Babertus Maximus:

i agree with ya mr. writer…the main event should have been pushed as a traditional survivor series match on the ppv…that’s why it is called survivor series you have to have these kind of matches…

Nick Turner:
I am one of those guys who orders PPVs but I have skipped out on the last two. Last week I was so excited that they had set up a perfect Survivor Series match. Then they screwed it up. I was willing to buy the PPV on that match alone. But instead we get a 12 woman classic survivor series match. What they hell? It really makes me angry. I’m sure the tag match will deliver but that match would have been gold. And what they replaced it with, with the usos and the Rhodes and Rey just really looks like lazy booking. It really just pisses me off we get that divas match just because of that crappy reality show. The divas have a few good wrestlers in their division but I do not want to watch a 12 women elimination match. There’s not enough talent in that pool to make it interesting. I just feel like the card is super weak and predictable. Randy will win. As will Cena.
The best thing to come out of Raw was Big E’s victory. Finally the title is off of Axel. That was a failed experiment. I think, as long as they actually book him to defend his title regularly, Big E can bring a little excitement to the IC division. If having Cena in his corner helps his push than its a good thing. Big E really impresses me and I hope they give him the ball and let him run wild with it.
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