Another week has come and gone in wrestling-land, and it’s been a fairly decent week, in spite of those ever-thrilling tape-delayed RAWs from overseas.

Before diving into what I’ve hand-picked as the top comments from the past week, I just wanted to put it out there that these are all selected by me, I don’t have the luxury of a panel of voters. And, while sometimes we have the same top posters week after week, I do make a conscious effort to keep fresh names in the highlights, and I try to make sure that we don’t get repeat winners too often (since I took over this column a couple months back).

If you fall into a category of previous/recent winner, or were identified as a highlighted comment, that’s probably why you missed out on a given week. Don’t kill me, I am merely human. Not like we have Leapin’ Lanny Poffo cranking this weekly treat out!

Without any further adieu, here were some highlights from the week gone by:

From Jonathan Essington’s Buytates and Stars:

Poppy’s Hammer: “t’s sad that the popular goat face is been used at the escape goat now (hahah that remark so awesome). Jonathan you nailed your points quite well which is nice to see. Honestly if they had a rematch between Cena AND Bryan again, I could assure they would have breaking PPV buys, which they will say it’s all because of Cena.

WWE is finding ways to go back to it’s old ways of having the large stars like Nash and Hogan, so they can push these “smaller” talent to stay as a mid card, but they could also rebuild the cruiser division, just like how TNA has their X Division (yes a TNA reference, but it’s a needed point).

I really don’t know what to think anymore about WWE, they are just doing so many stupid things it’s getting to the point of “why am I watching this crap?”.”

From Essington’s Depreciating Asset:

Iron Mike Sharpe ”

I too am miffed at how they treat the IC Champ. They should never lose unless the title changes hands. See Muraco, Magnificent, Santana, Tito, Savage, Randy, and others of the early 80s. Heck we can go as recent as the early part of the 00s and see what the value was of the IC Champ.

Even the 3rd tier champs didn’t lose unless it was a title change (TV Champ, US Tag Champs). The WWE needs to get back to making ALL of their championships mean something.

I think it is ruined forever though since Santino Marella is a former IC Champ and ZAch Ryder is a former US Champ. Both of them should have Koko B Ware’s resume… good contender… not (singles) championship material.”

And Macho Man: “As one who grew up in the glory days of the Intercontinental Championship I find it sad and pathetic that it has been pretty much relegated to a second class championship. I remember the IC Title being the championship of some of the hardest working wrestlers in the WWE. Guys like Santana, Steamboat, Valentine, Piper, Muroca, Morales, Savage, Honky Tonk Man, Ultimate Warrior, Mr.Perfect, Rick Rude, HBK, Razor Ramon, Bret Hart, Jericho, Eddie Guerrero, Stone Cold, Rock, HHH, Angle, Benoit and countless others. Now the IC Title is all but forgotten. This really shocks me beings the IC Title is one of WWE’s orginial titles. Vince has always been all about WWE talent and product first and foremost, but for some reason he has all but forgotten the rich history of the IC Title. If I could run WWE for just one day I would retire the World Heavyweight Title FOREVER like it should have been originally when they bought WCW. I would put the IC Title on one of the main talents who isn’t in the WWE Title picture right now such as Bryan or Punk and let them have a long run with it. This would help showcase and restore the Intercontinental Championship to the second most important championship in the WWE like it use to be and still should be!”

From Adrian’s Raw in a Nutshell:

Padres4Life “Raw is sooo much better without Triple H and Stephanie and I think everyone else thought so too..I dont mind Maddox, Vickie and Kane running the show…Triple H is too much, get him out of there.”

From Essington’s Hogan: Best for Business

Tim van Wijngaarden

“Hogan’s return, Hogan’s return…
I’m very conflicted on this matter…. On one hand, Hogan’s still pretty fun on the mic, and honestly deserves to be at Wrestlemania 30 seeing as what he meant to the business. On the other hand, the one thing I don’t want to see is HH wrestling a match on a show that should deliver on all fronts.

I think Hogan in a managerial capacity could do wonders for WWE, he can talk the talk, and hype the crowd pretty damn well, so inserting him into the Authority storyline, maybe as a leader figure to lead the fight against the authority? Face or heel, I think Hogan could make both work, and having him in someone’s corner at a Mania match will do wonders for whoever he’s backing.

As a wrestler though, Hulk is well past his prime, and he needs to realize that. He’s slow in the ring, can’t bump anymore and well…it just wouldn’t sell tickets…. So if they handle this well? Yeah, Hogan can be best for business, but if they don’t then I’ll dread watching Mania.”

After much deliberation, it was a pretty tough call. But, with that said, this week’s winner is….Iron Mike Sharpe!

Congratulations, Iron Mike! Please e-mail us at [email protected] to verify your identity and give us your mailing address.

This week, I will give an honorable mention to Macho Man-who was a comment of the week winner back in September. We had some lively discussions on a few topics this week, and I expect things will heat up heading toward Survivor Series!

Please keep the debates and discussions going, but keep it clean and respectful. Much better to attack the opinion as opposed to the individual making the point. If you are looking to win the argument, make a good case with valid points, not derogatory comments. Let’s keep it entertaining folks!

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