Another eventful week in wrestling-most notably, Cody and Dustin grabbed tag team gold to close out this week’s RAW. Just over a week from Hell In A Cell and things are taking shape. But let’s see what some of the best comments were from the past week.

From Jonathan Essington’s Los Matadores: A pleasant surprise

Abudadein : “Los Matadores were outstanding on Smackdown! last night. Highly innovative and entertaining. I’m really looking forward to seeing where they go from here, and the countless ways El Torito can delight the fans. They’re also a great throwback to the WWF’s tag team heyday in the ’80s. Another great article from Jonathan Essington that is insightful and honors the back story of Primo and Epico.”


xXwindsofchangeXx : ”

JE hit the nail on the head. My first reaction to hearing that this was Epico and Primo was, “What the f**k, dude. I liked seeing Epico & Primo wrestle.” And then when they debuted and had their first couple of matches, I knew intellectually that I was watching Epico and Primo, but they seemed a bit different and I couldn’t put my finger on it. But that’s it – their style has changed, to something I think is truer to them. Nevermind the childish gimmick and the mascot (which, hate to admit it, might help them in the end) – these guys are free to wrestle the way they can, and they look even better in the ring for it.

On that note, I know one of Los Locales from the SD match was Ricardo – who was the other one? Does anybody know? I thought for a second that it might be Cesaro based on the size and the fact that I’m pretty sure I saw him try a Giant Swing during the match only to cut it short. But then, Cesaro makes no sense. So any idea? Was it someone currently on the roster or some local indy wrestler?”

from John Deegan’s Taking Issue with WWE History Books

Moh. T : “This is NOT making a big deal about nothing, it IS a huge deal
for 2 main reasons
The first reason, which is superior in its importance is that every kid out there, every new generation, is going to start believing that Paul London & Brian Kendrick were the best tag team ever, which is by no means true, I’d be surprised if they made to the 100’s. Anyways, articles like that manipulates every child’s mind, and thanks to the ignorance of the past history of pro wrestling, like what happened at Raw with most people NOT KNOWING WHO BOB BACKLUND IS, offends everything these great people had done to the business. Without them, there would be no CM Punk, no Cena, no Daniel Bryan and no WWE. (I referred to these 3 because they are the most popular superstars NOWADAYS, I meant to not mention the likes of Undertaker, Michaels, and Stone Cold). So, WWE must work hard on raising awareness about the great, rich history it has, and more importantly, work harder on making history nowadays. I get disgusted by the “fake” Historical moments done by the WWE these days, like Kaitlyn spearing AJ Lee cracking #4 on the Top 10 Spears video, or Paul Heyman’s kiss to Ryback. Make REAL history.
The second reason is that they did not mention that this only refers to the “new” titles, which disrespects all the old great men and women in the business, and as I said, manipulate young kids’ brains.”

from Jonathan Essington’s The Perfect Puzzle

Reverend Scurvy : “I think his best bet might be a face turn. He feels like he’s being neglected by Heyman, so (after Ryback spears/powerbombs Punk through the cell at HIAC) Axel takes out Ryback and let’s Punk get his hands on Heyman. After he separates from Heyman, he can declare that it’s time to be himself, his own man using his own name and see where that takes him.”


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