It’s been a fairly busy week in the wrestling world, with TNA having Bound for Glory this past Sunday, and WWE going full force into Hell In A Cell this coming Sunday.  So without any further delays, here are some of the best comments from the past week:

From Zach Arnold’s Bound for Glory is TNA’s Make or Break Moment

Tsall13: “Ummmm sorry to burst your bubble on this waste of an article but what makes or breaks a company is revenue and PPV sales are a big part of that so to make it very clear to you and anyone else who thinks TNA will survive past 2014… IT’S OVER FOR THEM… no matter the outcomes of any of these matches it won’t matter at all if they don’t sell a high enough number of BFG sales or any of their 4 worthless PPVS which in the past they haven’t drawn over 25000 buys a piece which doesn’t even cover Hogans ridiculous contract… every match can deliver and every outcome can turn out the way they should but who’s going to see it to care??? Absolutely no one besides the ones watching it for free via streaming which you are the people who killed TNA but I can’t blame you cause I wouldn’t give a dime to delusional Carter but it’s her fault for not hiring someone to shut down streaming sites like WWE does… they might draw a constant million viewers but not even 1/50 of that orders their garbage… so again outcomes from BFG won’t keep a failing company afloat it needs revenue which they can’t get without sales which they never get… plus they have cancelled events left and right refunding people their money and sponsors have been dropping them through out the years… if released talent has come out and said they can make more money on their own then that speaks volumes on what TNA fans think is a second to WWE promotion… that’s a sign of a dying company not a global company and if Jarret thinks teaming up with Muta is going to help lol well good luck on that failure as well… money bags Carter is pulling the plug on his daughter slowly…”

From Jonathan Essington’s Tamina’s Return and the Diva’s Division

KingBack “Tamina being pushed is the right move by WWE.
Even though she have been with WWE for some years now she still feels like fresh air which
is something WWE needs at this point.
Maybe she can turn on AJ down the road and win the Divas Championship – I sure wouldn’t mind it.”

From Adrian Fylonenko’s RAW in a Nutshell

Abudadein “Raw in a Nutshell is the first thing I check on a Monday morning, and it never disappoints. It’s always written thoughtfully and provides a ton of great insight, along with some humor. Keep up the great work. (And by “great,” I mean “great.” Unlike the way WWE uses the word, as in The “Great” Khali).”

From Zach Arnold’s B-level Effort to Promote an A-Level Star

Nick Turner “I think what they are doing is trying to play to all the smarks. Using the rumor mill that is prevalent over Triple H’s personality. Which I for one think its true. But the problem is, is that all the smarks don’t view this as acting we view it as Triple H being his true self. Do I think his shots atJericho and Edge were over the line last night? Yes. But I don’t think their attacks on Bryan or the addition of Show and Michaels really hurts Bryan. We will have a champion at HIAC. It will probably be Orton. And they will continue this feud into Survivor Series where Hunter will face either Show or Bryan. He will probably face Bryan at the go home RAW and big show at the PPV. I can see how this comes off as burying Bryan and they are walking a thin line. But with Cena going for the WHC I don’t see how he will be injected into these story lines. The Authority will eventually fall at the hands of Vince and all the evil in the land will be vanquished. Bryan will have the title eventually. I don’t think they run the same risk as TNA. And if they do screw this up and bury Bryan it wouldn’t be the first time. But as much as I dislike Triple H as a person I think he is smart enough from a wrestling perspective to see this guy is talented and will be big money. I don’t think he would still be in the picture if he didn’t”

From Jonathan Essington’s Luke Harper future Monster Heel

Sieg “Harper sticks out as he’s supposed to be the number 2 guy where Wyatt is number 1. Rowan is the quiet enforcer though it’d be nice if they gave him some more personality. I do have a feeling his character evolution will be the most fun to watch since we don’t know much about him from a character standpoint.”

And….ladies and gentlemen…this week’s comment of the week came from…Nick Turner!

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