And what a week it was. Hell In A Cell? In the books, providing us with a couple solid matches and setting things up for the weeks to come. And with all the action, we had a lot of comments to sort through and enjoy….so here are just some of the better ones from the past week!

From the WWE Hell In A Cell Predictions piece:

Abudadein: “This card is pretty stacked with the potential for lots of mayhem and outside interference already in a few of the matches. I don’t think we’ll see Sandow cash in tonight, but rather at TLC in December. Having said that, Sandow could strike when we least expect it, like on RAW tomorrow night. Personally, I’d love to see the MITB cashed in at a house show somewhere in front of a smaller audience.”

From Jonathan Essington’s Following the Buzzards to the Miz:

Reverend Scurvy: “This Wyatt/Miz rivalry is not making me interested in Miz at all. If anything, it’s making me tire of the Wyatts while awaiting the return of Kane. That having been said, I never bought into the Miz during his peak. It’ll take a lot to get me to start caring now.”

From Adrian Fylonenko’s  WWE Hell in a Cell in a nutshell:

Mr. Creative: “I agree on many of the points you make. The tag team, the WHC & main event matches were all very good. Like or dislike Cena he definitely shined tonight. Coming back so soon is an achievement. It will be interesting to see how the WHC picture unfolds with him back in it. As much as I wanted to see Bryan to win I had a feeling HBK would do a slight turn. Though it was obviously HBK did not do a full blown turn. Clearly there is more story to tell & hopefully he will redeem himself later on. He is a Legend after all. I rather wanted to see a Natalya vs Summer Rae match, but that would of ended with Natalya winning. With Khali I agree that his in ring work is very limited & is hard on the eyes. His comedy acts are sometimes enjoyable. I say keep him in backstage or onstage skits or as an ‘friend’ cheering on other talent. I don’t see it being disrespectful, you are just calling it for it what it is, perhaps from a business standpoint. It’s just that there are other stars in the back that have more talent in the ring or equal talent that deserve the opportunity to shine. I feel Santino’s recent association with Kahli is also not necessary. Santion can stand on his own without Kahli or Hornswoggle. Besides I liked hornswoggle more as a loveable mischievous heel. Anyhow I still would like to see Santino’s character develop more on a serious note focusing on his MA talent. I wonder if Bob Backland will become the PTP’s new ‘voice’ or manager? That would be interesting to see. Yes Kane is back & he is not in a friendly mood that is for sure. It will be good to see Monster Kane back, besides his new movie will be coming out. So Kane’s evil is back in business.”

From Jonathan Essington’s  Cena’s Not So Bad:

xXwindsofchangeXx :”I don’t even care about Cena’s wrestling ability or lack thereof anymore. It wouldn’t matter to me if he was good enough in the ring to make Daniel Bryan look like a rank amateur. CENA IS A WALKING SHOVEL, AND IT’S BAD FOR THE REST OF THE COMPANY. And if he had any decency, he’d reward WWE’s obvious loyalty to him by doing whatever it took to ensure the long-term health of the company. I mean, for God’s sake, piss Vince off enough to bury you. Run him through the coals in the media. Take a steaming dump on his breakfast. SOMETHING. Hell, fake an injury. SOMETHING. Don’t just be satisfied with being a walking shovel and then wonder why half the fans watching hate your very existence. Good lord.”

From John Deegan’s Should WWE Do Away With Hell In A Cell:


“I agree with all you said. In fact, I would change every gimmick PPV because I think the product was better when those kiind of matches were used for a reason. Hell in a Cell was to end rivalry definitely, ladder match were for smaller agile wrestlers (we see lot of injuries theses days in ladder match), Elimination chamber was when there was lot of hot contenders etc. Now they just do it because it’s THE PPV. I don’t mind having like extreme rules with a couple of gimmick matches but I just find that having Hell in a cell every year in october, EC in february (should be at survivor series by the way, would be more unpredictable), MITB in june (Should have stayed at Mania for every title)… just don’t help the writers to come up with believable growing storyline.

As for blood, I think that we are watching wrestling, not ballet…I think that if used properly, it can really help push the bar a little higher in a fued. Imagine Daniel Bryan with blood in his big beard, would be epic. Would SCSA vs Bret Hart would have been that intense at WM13 without Austin being bloodied and then passed out! I don’t think so. I think that blood also helped PPV to be a little different from Raw/Smackdown because it was more used at PPV to make the matches more intense. Now, sometime, I pay 50 $ just to see “sunday night raw”…”

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