A week ago, Randy Orton was WWE champion and few gave Daniel Bryan a shot at winning clean and taking the belt at Night of Champions.

And then, Daniel Bryan was champion. And then he wasn’t, and the title is held up.

Yup, it was an eventful week, full of some great fan commentary, so let’s highlight some of the best:

  • Tyler Drummond on WWE Night of Champions in a nutshell“I dont think any match on this show was actually bad. Axel vs Kingston was pretty good, I really enjoyed the divas title match, the World title match was solid, Miz and Fandango was meh, Punk vs Heyman and Axel was fun, Ambrose and Ziggler was good, but too short, the Tag Title match was short but fun and the WWE Title match delivered. I dont care for more CM Punk vs Ryback matches, but what can you do. I wouldnt call this the worst PPV, but like WrestleMania poor time management really made this show suffer.”
  • Jonny on WWE Raw in a nutshell“I have to say as much as I love a technical wrestler, I love a power based wrestler who knows HOW to be a power styled wrestler. There were many power based wrestlers in the past, but very few knew exactly how to perform the style to make it enjoyable, carry a match and so on. Roman Reigns, everytime I see him gets better and better. He should be the breakout star of the night. I don’t think, unless I’m mistaken , has he been in the main event of Raw solo, against the best wrestler in the business right now none the less. The man is a machine. That clothesline from the corner to the end of the match was epic. If its anyone I would love to see shine solo in the future from this group would be this guy. Great find.”
  • Reverend Scurvy on Sheamus and Cena: Where and When“I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. Sheamus should be used to elevate Barrett. Two big brawlers with the classic Irish vs English feud. Throw in longtime rivals Finlay and Regal as their managers/trainers. Brutal and fun.
    As for Cena, just keep him away from title chase and don’t make me listen to him ramble on about nothing for 15-20 minutes of every Raw and I’ll be happy.”
  • Abudadein on JR’s Raw deal from WWE“When my doctor asked me what I thought was the cause of my depression, I told him it was the WWE — or more specifically, Vince McMahon. He suggested I turn away from WWE and watch Chikara. So I did, and boy did that ever make a difference. Now I’m happy and grinning ear-to-ear everyday laughing at the crazy antics and ring action of Jigsaw, Fire Ant, Hallowicked, El Hijo del Ice Cream, and Ice Cream Jr. I absolutely love it! I would highly recommend to anyone else suffering from depression, as a result of WWE, that they tune into Chikara. It worked for me!”
  • xXwindsofchangeXx on Dolph Ziggler: Punishment“If we’re going to be completely honest, though, the reason this started – and the reason Ziggler was so justifiably frustrated – wasn’t because of anything Ziggler said. WWE won’t ever admit to it, but Ziggler’s original punishment was for the bad timing of his concussion back in May. If there’s one thing WWE has a hard time letting go, it’s for a talent to go down with an injury when WWE puts the spotlight on them. Probably because it forces Creative to scramble to try to find a backup plan – or, in layman’s terms, pulls WWE’s metaphorical pants down and exposes their weaknesses in storytelling. They have a hard enough time coming up with a good ‘plan A’ storyline, but they’re all but inept at handling sudden changes on the fly, which is what a short-term injury forces. Dolph Ziggler didn’t do anything wrong to get that concussion, but because of it, WWE took the title off him. If there’s anything going on in WWE that proves that Triple H hasn’t been fully handed the reins yet, it’s this. I don’t believe for a second that Trips would have signed off on this treatment of Ziggler, just because this exact same thing happened to him as a result of the Curtain Call incident (which, by the way, wouldn’t have been nearly as egregious nowadays – the mainstreaming of the Internet makes kayfabe a paper-thin illusion at best), so Trips knows how much it sucks. But Vince McMahon is a well-known grudge holder (same is true for Stephanie, to some degree) and that’s probably the #1 reason that there is still even a shadow of competition between promotions in the world of professional wrestling. I’m sure some will argue that the WWE’s roster is deeper than it’s been in years, and I would agree. I will also contend that, as big as WWE is now, it could be that much bigger if it didn’t keep shooting itself in the foot. Vince has made a lot of decisions based on predeterminism (and if you don’t know what that is, the current Daniel Bryan storyline happens to serve as a perfect example) and punitive politics that have been much better for Vince’s ego than they have been for business.”

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