Another week closer to Battleground. We’ve seen HHH and Stephanie take a different approach to their heelish ways. And, with all the action heading toward the next PPV, there were plenty of top comments for the past week. Here were the highlights:

From Zack Arnold’s What a Dying Company Looks and Sounds Like

Iron Mike Sharpe: “TNA is awful. While I have my issues with the current version of the WWE, at least it’s mildly entertaining at times. TNA’s only use for me is to cure insomnia.
If TNA wants to survive they need to be different than the WWE. Shine the light on tag team and women’s rasslin’… or look to the past and find some gimmicks that worked and aren’t played… like a dog collar or scaffold match”

Devon: “TNA was better than WWE from 2005-2008(I didn’t watch WWE from mid 2008-early 2011 so I can’t judge that). I just want Hogan & Bitchoff out cuz they killed TNA. TNA sucks now. They need to release Hogan, Bitchoff and Sting, release all the mma fighters. Release all the useless people. Start fresh & become great like TNA once was. Its horrible now.”

From Jonathan Essington’s Doing Time: Dolph Ziggler

MachoMan: “I hope Vince remembers HHH didn’t always fall in line with the WWE Machine either. It’s kind of nice in my opinion to have a wrestler actually speak his true feelings on topics. I do understand there is a point where you step over the line but I don’t think Ziggler crossed that line(apparently Vince does though). With Cena and Sheamus out right know and down two faces you would think this would be the perfect time to push Ziggler as a face to the moon but what do I know? However I am tired of waiting for Ziggler’s push and it’s crossing into the land of the absurd to me. Tick, tock, tick, tock and we all just keep waiting!”

Jacob’s Verbal Fist: “The push Randy is currently getting with the McMahons should have went to Ziggler. If they wanted a ‘company guy’ heel champion who was the FUTURE of the company, Ziggler would have fit the bill much more than Orton. Ziggler would have come out in a custom suit, looking good, maybe even rejoining AJ. That would have made the storyline much more interesting, with Trips passing the torch to Ziggy and Steph passing the torch to AJ. THAT’S how you advance the business. Having the ‘future of the company’ role go to a guy with grey in his beard just doesn’t work.”

From Alex Giardini’s Top Authority Figures in Wrestling

xXwindsofchangeXx: “Even if she essentially started her ‘career’ in WWE as a charity case, Vickie turned herself into a pretty damn good heel manager in my estimation… not to mention she was a pretty good sport about the high volume of fat jokes thrown her way up until about 2011.”

And, without further adieu, this week’s top comment was from…..MachoMan!

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