If you watched SmackDown on Tuesday, and had not tuned in before, and did not look at the WrestleMania lineup, you might not even be aware there is actually in Intercontinental Championship match on Sunday. And, you’d also realize that your SmackDown tag team champions aren’t even defending the belts on the biggest show of the year. So what is going on? Does WWE have too many belts?

First, the easy one-I would argue that yes, WWE does have too many belts, but I wouldn’t be saying that if they had competent Creative types who actually treated the titles with more reverence. The reality is, they need the belts they have because you just can’t have one show with more belts than the other, or the perception that one show’s belt has more prestige. So, that isn’t going to change any time soon.

As for what is going on? That is a whole different topic. And it’s complicated. And as a blogger, I am admittedly just playing armchair QB.

On one hand, you would look at WrestleMania and say “it’s such a big show, we have over ten matches, probably five hours of wrestling, how do they not fit these matches on the show”. But, perhaps that’s the problem. Perhaps it got too big and overwhelmed the writers? Man, that sounds like a tremendously lame excuse if it’s true.

The simple fact? I can think about it for a great length of time. But I can’t come up with a really good reason why you wouldn’t put a spotlight on your Intercontinental title five nights before it gets defended. If Baron Corbin could be poised for his breakout performance, his coming out party if you will, then it would be nice if they didn’t treat it as an also-ran, an afterthought on the go-home show.

On the tag team titles? I think it’s a travesty that you are not defending them at all on the biggest show of the year. If it’s an indication that someone does not feel that there are teams on the SmackDown roster that could work a ‘Mania worthy match, then 1-no one watched last week’s show, as Alpha and Usos was worthy. And 2-how sad a statement is that, that they’d think that. That you’ve taken your tag team champions and dropped them into the Andre The Giant Battle Royal, which honestly is a rather meaningless match (it’s not like the winner gets a title shot), while the other show’s got a triple threat ladder match for their tag belts? It does not bode well. And, considering many fans were hoping we’d get a Hardyz return and maybe even an impromptu match in Orlando? Well, this does not look good for those hopes and dreams now, does it?

Say what you will about both titles….but you have to say they deserved better than this.But, at least one of them is getting defended on the biggest show of the year.

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