Dear WWE Creative,

The world of SmackDown LIVE is so much different than Monday Night RAW. With a full-time WWE World Heavyweight Champion, title race programs are moved along swiftly, so that there is an equal distribution of opportunity amongst talent. The United States title has been elevated nicely over the recent year, with main event and mid-card talent alike vying for a chance to hold this prestigious championship, rich in history and wrestling roots. With both titles sharing a nice rotation of unique and compelling storylines, one can’t help but wonder why The Perfect 10 seems like a sideline male superstar as of late.

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Simply put, it is time to give Tye Dillinger a chance.

I’m not talking about a title race program off the get-go, but some adequate air time on SmackDown LIVE is a good start. This role as R-Truth’s side kick is lame at best for this superstar. I love Truth and find him highly entertaining; however, Dillinger deserves more.

I find myself scratching my head as to why he isn’t more involved in Team Blue programing. He’s stellar in the ring, compelling on the mick, his gimmick and catchphrase ‘10’ has overwhelming caught on, with live crowd fans still chanting ‘10’ during count-outs, or anything of that sort, whether he is in the ring or not. He’s over with the fans, so it is disturbing to say the least as to why he is not given a program at this point on SD LIVE.

Does it have to be against WWE Champ AJ Styles? Nope!

Does it have to be against United States Champion Shinsuke Nakamura? No, not at all.

But regular airtime and a match here and there, where he’s not booked to job it out, would be a fine start. Maybe even a tag team run with him and Truth …

Some may point out the controversy he was in this past week, with tweets that emerged from 2011 on comments he made mocking rape; this happened just recently, and Dillinger has been out of storylines for months now.

Many could point to the fact that Dillinger suffered a ‘too much, too soon’ scenario; if you’d ask me my opinion, I believe he was called up far too early. Still, that is neither here nor there at this point. He’s on SmackDown LIVE, he’s a huge talent, now it’s time to find something for him creatively. A story that he can tell or be told about him; something that would satisfy the progression of the talent – something that would satisfy his fans.

It’ is certainly time to give Tye Dillinger a chance, before he decides he’s All In.




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