Welcome to WNZ’s second Guess The Wrestler post. Use the clues and image below to guess who this week’s featured wrestler is, then post who you think it is in the comments section. The answer and original photo will be posted with a new set of clues and image next time. Good luck!

1. I was once close to Randy Savage.
2. I was trained by a current WWE producer.
3. I managed William Regal.
4. I had 3 title reigns in WWE.
5. I was forced to change my look.

Who am I?

Guess 2

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The previous Guess The Wrestler:

Billy Gunn

Guess 1

Billy Gunn

1. I am currently employed full time. So is my former tag team partner.
Gunn currently is a NXT trainer and Road Dogg works behind-the-scenes for WWE as well.
2. I’m a 10 time tag team champion.
With The Smoking Gunns, The New Age Outlaws and Billy & Chuck
3. I once lost my girlfriend/manager due to a match stipulation.
Lost to Jamie Noble at Vengeance 2003, Torrie Wilson had to go on a date with Noble.
4. I’ve accepted a memorable proposal before.
Billy & Chuck.
5. One of my tag teams poked fun at Vince McMahon.
Voodoo Kin Mafia in TNA.
6. My finishing move is still used today.
The Fame-asser, Dolph Ziggler.

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