With two Monday Night RAWs under our belts since the Hardy Boyz made their grand return to the WWE and I can finally declare: Matt Hardy clearly hasn’t come to the company “Broken” in any way … and I’m okay with it.

I’m okay with it on multiple levels: one can’t ignore the legal issues around the gimmick that keep popping up in the news and social media where Anthem Entertainment (the owners of TNA, the Hardys’ past employers) are claiming they own the “Broken” concept; meanwhile, Team Hardy has stated that it is all theirs to use whenever and wherever they choose to go.

So, it’s not shocking that the WWE chose to bring the Hardys back, sans “Broken” gimmick and have them reconnect with the WWE Universe based on their older and familiar characters.

But, has this move been done only to ensure no legal boundaries are crossed and to avoid scary lawsuits? That is a strong possibility.

Still, as I was watching RAW this week, as many of you may have picked up, Matt and Jeff did a backstage promo, where one could slightly notice that Hardy fell into his “Broken” character (via speech) and slipped right back into “original” Matt Hardy.

Coincidence? Perhaps this is a way to divert legalities and still give fans what they want?

Or, option three: bring back the Hardy Boyz, ala their original tag team characters, only to have Matt slowly, but surely, evolve into the Broken Matt character to re-tell this story to WWE audiences. You have a surprising element for their return and an even more shocking factor when Broken Matt emerges.

While I am familiar with Broken Matt, how can you not be, the character made TNA relevant again, I do not exactly know how the story came to be. For some who are familiar with it, the re-telling of the Broken Matt story will be exciting to once again watch as it resurfaces; for others who never saw the story unfold in TNA, it’ll be a new chapter in the Matt/Jeff WWE saga.

To boot, the Hardys return (while spoilers did hit the internet the week before Wrestlemania) was still a shocker or at the very least a surreal moment for those long-time fans who were expecting it – but marked out as soon as the Hardys’ music hit. Had they immediately thrown the Broken Matt character into the mix, I feel their storyline may have fizzled and fast. Having them return in a big way, come home, and then slowly have Matt (and potentially Brother Nero Jeff) evolve into “Broken” status; well, now there is a compelling story to follow and draw any fan in.

Will Matt turn on Jeff or will they both eventually become “Broken” simultaneously? Unsure, there are so many ways this storyline can unfold. Hopefully the “Broken” gimmick is one that can legally be used in the near future or even later down the line; WWE audiences deserve to watch that chapter with the Hardy Boyz, unfold.

Regardless, while initially I may have been disappointed that Matt and Jeff weren’t so broken at Wrestlemania, I’m at peace with it … waiting and hoping for the day when one of them just may crack.

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