The With Hell In A Cell just days away, and the card virtually set at this point (I am writing this on Tuesday, so keep that in mind if things change due to injuries etc). Without any further delay, let’s dive into the card as it stands, and go from there!

Ziggler, Cesaro and Neville versus Sheamus, Barret and Rusev

What could happen: Something incredible that makes people really get into this match. Seriously, I am not trying to be a wet blanket, but this is the stereotypical match where you only have 10 minutes on the card, and you have a bunch of talent who needs to be involved but isn’t. Presto, instant 6 man tag match that no one asked for.

What should happen: A short match of little consequence, and I expect the faces to be victorious, which is of little importance. What probably will be important? This match will run early, for at least one and possibly 2 reasons. 1, I fully expect one of the men involved in the match to challenge Cena (looking at Cesar0) and I’d say that Sunday is our best chance yet to anticipate a MITB cash-in by Sheamus.

What I wish would happen: Can I wish for this match to change, or go away? I like watching some of these guys work, but there’s not much in this 6 man combo that makes me tune in.

Kevin Owens versus Ryback, for the Intercontinental Championship

What could happen: A clean, hard fought match that shows us Ryback has more depth to him than previously thought, and that he can work well with a talent like Kevin Owens

What should happen: Owens, either way, wins the match. Perhaps he gets a little creative with his interpretation of the rules, perhaps he does the usual heel things. But having him lose the belt back to Ryback doesn’t do much in my eyes, so he should retain.

What I wish would happen: Just hoping for a strong match out of these two. Owens is a star, and the fans love Ryback, but of the two, Owens is surely the better wrestler. If they can pull off a compelling match? I’d be happy with that.

Roman Reigns versus Bray Wyatt (Hell In A Cell match)

What could happen: We could actually get a clean and clear, decisive conclusion to this feud.

What should happen: Anything but. Someone is going to interject themselves into this match, in spite of the cage. It will still end up being a tainted finish, and the feud will live to see another day. At least one more PPV, because let’s be honest. There’s enough in play with these two sides to easily drive a Survivor Series matchup.

What I wish would happen: If things get a little tainted, let it not be entirely lopsided in the favor of the Wyatt Family, for a change. Bray has the numbers already-depending on Harper’s status, he’s either got 3 or 4 including himself. Roman can reliably count one, in Ambrose. Orton is down and out, Jericho appeared to be a wasted surprise, and Rollins has bigger fish to fry. So if the numbers get evened up, it could be the shock of the evening to be sure.

Charlotte versus Nikki Bella (Divas title match)

What could happen: WWE could decide Charlotte only got where she is because of her old man, so they put the belt back on Nikki, whom many opine got where she was because of who she’s involved with.

What should happen: The revolution is in full swing, and there’s no reason to take the belt off of Charlotte now. And when someone does, I expect that to be Sasha Banks.

What I wish would happen: Just hoping to see a top notch, three star minimum Divas match. Bayley and Banks set the bar awful high with their recent display, and while it was “only on NXT”, it’s still the best Divas match anyone associated with WWE has put together in a good long while. If Charlotte and Nikki can get even close to that? Fans win.

Seth Rollins versus Kane (WWE title match)

What could happen: Seth wins clean, nothing to see here, everyone goes home happy.

What should happen: I really think we see a Kane win and a cash-in here. Because then it gives WWE another couple months of a Kane/Rollins program, or Rollins/Sheamus if he wins his cash-in. I wouldn’t be opposed to a failed cash-in, because I think I’d rather see more of Kane and Rollins than of Rollins and Sheamus, but I doubt Sheamus fails in his attempt. That takes WWE to 2016, where he would need basically one more program to take him into WrestleMania (he being Rollins, the assumption being he’d regain the title)

What I wish would happen: The cash-in, really. And I think what we saw on RAW, with WWE lining heel Rollins up alongside his face former brothers? I think they are dipping their toe in the water for an eventual face turn. Rollins is getting over and getting cheers even as a heel, and I’d imagine he’d do pretty well as a face, in spite of his previous heel turn by stabbing Reigns and Ambrose in the back. If Rollins had to chase Sheamus for his belt, one of them is going to have to be seen as a face, and I cannot see that being Sheamus at this point.

New Day versus The Dudleys (Tag team titles)

What could happen: New Day wins clean and the feud is put to bed.

What should happen: Team 3D getting their 10th tag title run is what should happen. If we are ever going to have to see another match between these two teams after Sunday, I pray the belts are around different waists when it happens. Bubba and Devon are just too good, historically, to have not wrested the titles away yet. I am not saying New Day won’t eventually regain them, as I figure this could be a feud that runs through ‘Mania, but in order for it to last that long? The Dudleys have to win, and win the belts.

What I wish would happen: Same as what I think should happen. I’ve been begging for a Dudleys title win for a couple months now, so I hope this is the night we finally see it happen.

John Cena versus TBD (US Open Challenge)

What could happen: It’s an Open Challenge, so…just about anything.

What should happen: An impressive challenge comes to the ring and dethrones Cena. And I’d be OK with it happening in such a fashion where Cena is carried to the back, using the injury as a way to write him off of TV until 2016, since his pending time off is well-known at this point in time.

What I wish would happen: I want to see someone really impressive and worthy come down and win it. Cesaro is likely the leader in the clubhouse, so to speak, but it is an open challenge, so anything could happen. Having someone like Braun Strowman be the challenger would be really surprising, but having him destroy Cena gets John written off easily enough, and then gives someone a monster to slay while chasing the US Title, so that could work out too.

Undertaker versus Brock Lesnar (Hell In A Cell match)

What could happen: I expect this to be a worthy entrant into many folks’ lists of top Cell matches.

What should happen: WWE is billing this one as their final encounter, so unless that’s just hot air, I want to see a clear and decisive finish, no BS, no bad endings, no lingering doubts about who actually won. And as vicious and personal as this feud has been since the summer…see below.

What I wish would happen: No matter the ending, no matter who wins, I would love to see, in spite of the animosity, two warriors shake hands at the end, signifying that this chapter is closed. I think it would be a really cool these two beat on each other for 15 or 20 minutes and, once someone’s hand gets raised in victory, the defeated man, recognizing that they left it all on the mat, offers his hand in a show of respect. Probably not going to happen, given their history, but it’s nice to dream.

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