It’s time for the 2015 edition of Hell In A Cell, coming at us live from Los Angeles, and we get things kicked off quickly with John Cena heading to the ring for his US Open Challenge. Many want to see who accepts the challenge, and we won’t have to wait long…

Best Match of the night:

Early leader in the clubhouse? Reigns versus Wyatt. Incredibly brutal match, lots of carnage, tables and weapons, and just an grueling match. There was a reason it got a “this is awesome” chant.

The 2nd Cell match? Just as good, if not even better, than the first one. Both earned their “this is awesome” chants.

Worst match of the night:

I could have complained that the Del Rio return match felt off. But that doesn’t land it here. I could say I was disappointed by the Divas match, but again, not bad enough. Even Owens/Ryback wasn’t especially good. But nope, not bad enough.

What was? Rollins/Kane. I really expected more out of this, either a Kane win leading to a cash-in, or something else. This one was a let-down.

Crowd Chants of the Night

Let’s go Cena/Cena sucks

Let’s go Roman/Roman sucks

This is awesome

New Day rocks/sucks

Eddie! Eddie!


Suplex City

Thank you Taker

 Star of the Night

I am going to give this to a few men, all whom I think deserve it.

Roman Reigns (and to a lesser extent, Bray Wyatt), for an exceptional first Cell match tonight.

Seth Rollins, for a dominant title match.

Lesnar and Undertaker, for a Cell match that will go down in history.

Spot of the Night:

Reigns and Wyatt got creative, and brutal, inside their Cell match. I particularly enjoyed the double kendo stick shots on Wyatt. Which Wyatt eventually answered with a chokeslam of Roman, through a table. Though Reigns answered that by powerbombing Bray through a table. And then a spear through one. Backstage, The Dudleys are probably not happy at all the early table abuse..

Charlotte and her top rope counter off of Nikki. Very impressive move by anyone on the roster.

Rollins reversing and powerbombing Kane onto the Spanish announce table. Which instead of breaking, fell over.

And, from the main event? Take your pick. There were a number of them, one more violent than the next. Happy, in a twisted way, to see the blood. Cell matches need that from time to time.

Jobber of the Night:

Could it be? I really have to give Cena serious thought here, because he seemed very uninspired during the opening match, and I think one someone as big and as unexpected as Del Rio came out to accept the challenge, people would have been floored if he hadn’t lost the match.

If I don’t give it to Cena, then I have to give it to Kane. Because that match was pretty much a Rollins showcase, much more one-sided than I expected it to be.

Upset of the Night:

Del Rio winning it was not so much an upset, but how he did it was surprising. No Armbar, but victorious anyways.

But I would say New Day winning. Seemed to come out of nowhere, and I thought for sure this was the night The Dudleys finally got their win and 10th title reign.

Holy Sh** Moment of the Night:

Zeb Colter is back, though he’s on an electric scooter now, and he’s now an angry heel again. And with him? Former pissed off Superstar Alberto Del Rio. He may actually still be steamed, but he’s back. Wonder if the backstage worker is still around…

And either Lesnar has incredibly bad luck with ring posts, or did an incredibly bad job gigging, but man oh man was he sporting a serious crimson mask during their Cell battle.

And the show, fading to black after a broken and reflecting Undertaker gets taken out and beaten down by not one, but all four Wyatt members and carried off in funeral-like fashion.

Commentary of the night:

King, on Colter: “Is he wearing his seat belt?”

Reigns conquers Wyatt! Reigns conquers the Cell!

King, on New Day’s musical issues “Now all they need is more cowbell”

Halloween is the only night Demon Kane can go outside his house and look normal.

Looks like Undertaker has Suplex City on his GPS as well.

LOL Moment of the night:

New Day, mourning the “loss” of their trombone player, saying they’d play bass drum on Bubba’s belly like Kamala

Noteworthy Moment:

The obvious early one is that Zeb Colter is back and brings with him a most unexpected charge in Alberto Del Rio.

In a promo for Survivor Series, WWE is billing it as 25 years of The Undertaker. Assuming he’s appearing on the show, it sure is starting to feel like a farewell tour (Which many have speculated about, but nothing has been confirmed).

Taker, after being defeated, getting a standing ovation, as both he and the crowd realize what they saw, and that it’s one of his last performances.

Overall lowlights:

I’ll say it: while it fit the recent storyline, I wish the main event could have avoided the low blow. But it fit, it’s how the feud got re-ignited, and it came back to burn the Phenom.

I was disappointed that there was no cash-in. And the championship match didn’t impress at all. Cena didn’t seem like himself, even before he got knocked off.

Wyatts coming down to end the Undertaker adulation. Clearly it fits from the storyline, but sometimes let the Legend have his moment. I would have rather seen it happen, say, tomorrow night instead, but I understand not everyone gets the storybook ending all the time.

Overall highlights:

Two Cell matches. Two epic Cell matches. Those two matches alone made the night for me, and for many others I am sure.

Del Rio returning. He’s a good strong heel, and the company needs that.

While it made it into my lowlights, I will say depending on where they go with the Wyatt Family/’Taker angle, it could prove interesting.

 After The Final Bell:

The show was up and down. Both Cell matches delivered, and the return of Alberto and Zeb was certainly big news. But some of the matches I thought would be excellent? Disappointed. And I will echo the sentiments of the announce team about the Wyatt assault of a beaten and wounded Undertaker, someone who was reflecting on a violent match, and a violent career. Clearly, WWE is going in “Use Undertaker from here till ‘Mania” mode, so I will reserve final judgement on how this one goes. I was, admittedly, surprised that we didn’t see Reigns and Ambrose come down to intervene, or even Lesnar-whom the crowd chanted for. I will say this: A Survivor Series headlining match of The Wyatt Family against a team of Undertaker, Reigns, Ambrose and possibly Lesnar? Or anyone else as that fourth? That’s as loaded a Survivor Series match as we’ve seen lately. If we even get that.

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