The more I contemplate this year’s Hell In A Cell card, the more I believe that there will be at least one memorable swerve. Maybe more than one, but at least one. Either I’ve grown so paranoid that I’ve begun to read into everything (entirely possible), or WWE writers and talent have done a brilliant job of laying plenty of hints, or non-hints, to keep us guessing. In either case, I am fairly certain we will see some swerves come Sunday.

In terms of what swerves could happen, not every match is ripe for a swerve. For example, I see no benefit for a swerve during the IC Championship match during the opening sequence-though, perhaps having something exciting and unexpected happen during the pre-show might drive up those ratings. But, no such happenings this time around. The Divas title match? There might be interference, maybe some twin magic even, but the odds of a swerve? Not even a blip on my radar screen.

The triple threat match for the tag team belts? Surely with six combatants involved, things could get interesting. Does WWE have the Rhodes brothers drop the straps already? And, in doing so, do they plant seeds for brother turning on brother, as has often been rumored? Maybe. Don’t know that I could call it a swerve there, since as I said, a Rhodes v. Rhodes feud has been discussed for at least a year, probably longer. For this one, I expect more of just a wild and crazy finish, and consider it very likely we have new tag champions.

Punk versus Heyman and Ryback, in the cell. Now, here’s one that screams….interference. But again, not swerve. I can imagine a situation where Punk gets the upper hand, and then in an effort to save his boss, Axel storms to the ring and gets his way into the cell. Maybe even one of the old school gimmicks where he lays in wait under the ring the entire match, ensuring Heyman’s safety and contributing to an epic 2.5 on 1 beatdown of CM Punk. Maybe Langston will try to make the save. It will serve to set up a bigger match for Survivor Series if it happens this way…and I just feel that SS will be the culmination. Very slim outside chance of yet another new Paul Heyman guy.

Cena versus Del Rio for the WHC. This is one of the easier matches to say swerves could happen. If for no other reason than the fact of that looming Money in The Bank cash-in. Not really a swerve, per se, since it is, well…looming. It’s more of a will-he-or-won’t-he question for Sandow. I still maintain that WWE, if smart, won’t have Del Rio cashed in on again. Twice in one year is just…bad luck. This is one where I think the WWE announce team has been discussing it for a couple weeks now, raising the question many of us are asking-is Cena coming back too soon. And it’s a reasonable point to make as the timetable for his recovery/return was more in the December/January range. But, I have a feeling that ADR gets him in the submission, Cena reverses, gets the pinfall and the victory, but comes up lame (insert all too easy Cena shot here). Seeing the new champ is wounded, Sandow takes advantage, seizes the moment and cashes in. It makes sense, because from a cash-in perspective, if he doesn’t do it now, I don’t expect him to cash in until potentially after ‘Mania. I think this would be booking most could live with. I don’t think ADR is getting over as much as corporate would like. Cena gives them a quick fix, and the Cena haters who expect him to win, get to see him win and lose in the same night.

And, of course, the grand finale. The WWE championship match is just overflowing with swerve potential. The easiest two? One, what will Shawn do. Will he actually just be impartial, not allowing his history of training Daniel Bryan influence his calls? Or has he already been bought and paid for by his long time friend, Hunter? That, of course, will be something many eyes are focused on. But there’s more, naturally. Over the last couple RAWs, this one in particular, it feels as though WWE has gone to great lengths to say “there will be a winner”, instead of “on Sunday night, Bryan or Orton walks away champ”. I freely admit, this could very well just be getting more attention than justified, but it was how it was said that made me remember it. It just seemed to be a key item. Could we see a situation similar to how Hogan beat Yokozuna for the WWF title many moons ago, when he wasn’t scheduled to fight in the main event at ‘Mania but merely came down because of Mr. Fuji’s underhanded scheming, but wound up walking out with the belt? It’s quite possible. Is this where Vince makes his anticipated return? Is he how a 3rd possible title-holder gets thrown into the mix? And what of the “fired” Big Show? Would he be that third person? Will he manage to exert influence on the match outcome? Or, will there even be a much more unexpected surprise (another member of the Authority, aiding Orton/protecting HHH, such as a returning Sheamus or Mark Henry, or even Matt Morgan? Or, my personal fave, Shane). No matter which of these you think is even slightly plausible, I am fully expecting a not so clean finish to this one. And while normally you’d complain about a tainted finish for yet another WWE title match, in this instance it would serve a purpose seeing as how things have unfolded to this point. This one could go one of many ways-the only easy prediction here is that I doubt very highly this one sees a clean ending.

Swerves in wrestling are fun. It’s neat to see how they pull things off, and as a fan for you to look back and see if you missed the hints. By the time the PPV ends on Sunday, I am pretty sure we will all be buzzing about the most unexpected thing happening at HIAC. Mere days away now!

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