OK, fine…not THE band. But A band.

What am I talking about? Think about it for a moment. For much of Seth Rollins’ rise, he was part of The Authority. But now, Kevin Owens is Hunter’s hand-picked champion, and Samoa Joe has joined the RAW roster as Hunter’s muscle. See where this could be going?

Think about it another way. Mick Foley, the dead-man-walking General Manager of the RAW brand, seemed quite unhappy that Samoa Joe was signed to RAW, which was likely at least partly related to how Joe made his debut. It happens, that’s what the storyline called for, but here’s where it gets interesting. We’ve been hearing, for almost as long as Mick has been GM, that he wasn’t long for the position. And now, we see he’s against someone that Stephanie and Hunter want. So is The Authority putting the pieces in place? Will Foley be pushed out and replaced by a figure from some new Authority?

I have to say it’s looking more and more likely, even if such an idea bothers me a bit.

First, why do I think it looks likely? Look at what happened on Monday. Hunter shows up, Joe alongside. Joe destroys Sami Zayn, and Hunter has a bit of private time with Kevin Owens. Owens then proceeds to destroy his now-former best friend, Chris Jericho. Coincidence? I think not.

Why does it bother me? Because, while some of the faces would be different, the story has been done before, and recently. So, we’d be back to our primary heel persona being, at least partly, filled by a McMahon and the guy she married? Pass. Samoa Joe and Kevin Owens are perfectly capable of being dominant, top of the card heels-without any form of Authority 2.0 angle. Take things a step further, and you have the Monster Among Men, Braun Strowman. He’s still earning his stripes, but he has acquitted himself nicely. He can surely be a major heel for the brand, too. And he doesn’t need to answer to anyone. And those are just three-there are other good heels on the roster, that we don’t necessarily need Hunter or Stephanie playing an active role as a heel personality.

All that being said, I don’t pretend for a minute that my opinion is going to change Stamford’s plans. If they want a new heel stable (whether or not Hunter is aligned with it), that’s what we will have. It may very well be inevitable.

WNZ readers, would you like to see such a stable?

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