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As we approach the final month of 2017, Impact Wrestling continues to shock the world. They’ve lasted for another year, which isn’t bad considering most people figured that they would be gone within three weeks. There are lots of changes needed if the promotion ever wants to be real competition and here are the biggest stars currently on their roster.


It’s been a long and often hectic road for Impact Wrestling. They’ve undergone countless names changes and management is always changing, but the one thing that never changes is Abyss. Sure, his character has gone through many different gimmick changes, yet he’s always remained loyal. Here’s a guy who has gone through glass, thumbtacks, flaming tables and anything else you could imagine. He was there day one and still remains, so he should be rewarded. Give him a title run and not the lame excuse for one that he received about a decade ago, which nobody but the diehard fans can remember. 


Lashley is Impact Wrestling’s form of Brock Lesnar. He might not have found the same success in MMA and pro wrestling like Lesnar, but Lashley has managed to do both. I would book Lashley as this almost unstoppable force and have him add more MMA moves his arsenal. The amount of MMA fans has grown thanks to Ronda Rousey and Conor McGregor, so Impact Wrestling should use that to their advantage. There might come a time when Lashley has decide between MMA and pro wrestling, meaning that Impact Wrestling needs to book him as much as possible on the chance he leaves the promotion. 

Eddie Edwards

WWE is known for snatching up talent from Ring of Honor and building on that success. One of the few names that WWE unfortunately passed over was Eddie Edwards. He’s shown the ability to work in a tag team, as X-Division champion and world champion. He’s the complete package and fans don’t seem to mind that he’s on the shorter side. Hopefully, he can take all the fans he made on the Indy scene and across the world to help bring new fans to Impact Wrestling. The company needs someone who can still draw fans as they continue to struggle on a TV station that few people know.


Homicide is no stranger to Impact Wrestling, having come and gone for the promotion countless times. He’s a veteran of the wrestling business and always uses the same gimmick. He can wrestle and knows how to speak on the mic, so the next logical step is to keep him around long enough to build some traction. I don’t think Homicide will ever be world champion, but he makes a compelling case for the X-Division title and is one of the original members of the popular stable the Latin American Exchange.

Johnny Impact

Most fans know him as John Morrison from his WWE days, but now he has the lame name of Johnny Impact because the company is lacking creative skills. Before exiting WWE, there was a major push going for Johnny and it only stopped once it was clear that he wasn’t re-signing. It took too long, but he finally joined Impact Wrestling. While it would have been better if started with Impact Wrestling shortly after leaving WWE, that’s not what happened. Still, there’s time to make this former rising WWE star into one of the biggest attractions for Impact Wrestling thanks to highflying moves.

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