The title says it all really. Christian has been a part of one of the best tag teams in the past twenty years, but was always overshadowed by the success of Edge. He has been one of the top in-ring workers the company has had in that same period of time, yet it seems like a travesty that he’s held world title gold so sparingly.  That isn’t to say that how many titles a wrestler has held indicates his greatness, but I think in some ways, for some guys, it says they’ve been undervalued, or at least not given their fully deserved recognition.

To be fair, while only carrying a major championship four times (ECW and WHC), Christian did hold a number of other belts on numerous occasions. He’s not someone who has busted his ass for years and never ever tasted championship success. But you look at how good he is, both on the mic and in the ring as compared to so many others, and it is maddening that he doesn’t have more reigns, and is at this time going through a program of seeking “one more match” for a title. He and Randy Orton had another really fine match on this week’s RAW, and even their short exchange was made all the better because Christian was involved. So what is he missing? The only thing I can really think is he lacks “the look”. He’s never going to be confused for a monster muscleman like Ryback, or even Cena. But he is skilled, smart and is excellent at telling stories in the squared circle.

Every generation has at least one or two stars who just seem to get unappreciated, or don’t get the accolades until it’s so late in their careers that they aren’t quite the performer they once were. While it’s clear Christian seems to be on the downside of his career-by his “one more match” angle-he still carries himself like one of the best of his generation. His work in the ring, with the crowd and on the mic and virtually 2nd to none as compared to the rest of the roster. When you consider his skillset and what he’s been capable of, it really is almost criminal that he’s only been a World Heavyweight Champion twice (along with two reigns of the ECW belt). Even if he only gets one more ride with the gold, it will have been a well deserved, hard earned championship.

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