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To say that the Samoa Joe versus AJ Styles program on SmackDown LIVE has been a delightful watch is an understatement. It’s got a sprinkle of reality in it with Styles’ wife and daughter in the mix; some past history between these two so-called former friends; Joe playing the A-typical evil heel and Styles in the role of heroic dad face; the end result, WWE program gold. The most interesting part of this entire program is that this type of story been done so many times before within WWE and pro wrestling, yet Joe and Styles have offered a new yarn to spin, keeping wrestling fans fascinated and wanting more.

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Did I forget to add passion to that list? Both men are extremely into this story chapter, and it shows, which makes me believe even more that come Hell in a Cell (HIAC), the WWE Universe may just see Samoa Joe the next WWE World Heavyweight Champion.


With already one match under their belt at SummerSlam, this HIAC match can’t be the last we see of these two battle in the squared circle. While AJ Styles has been a phenomenal champion, closing in on a year now, and an extremely successful mover of merchandise, it has to be time to pass the torch. Rumors have indicated that market strategies around being the cover superstar for 2K19 is one of the reasons AJ Styles remains champion; however, it’s hard to ignore the opportunity that arises should Samoa Joe be crowned WWE World Heavyweight Champion this Sunday at HIAC.

You have a truly dastardly heel that has clearly gotten under the skin of this top Blue brand face. Samoa Joe is the pinnacle of bad guy in the WWE; taunting Styles’ wife, little girl, and that ‘oh Wendy’ yelp has to be one of the creepiest, yet oddly entertaining, things to come from a heel in months. With Samoa Joe, you love to hate him: he’s a jerk, he crosses lines he shouldn’t; however, he’s incredible in the ring, he puts his money where his mouth is and backs it all up with dominance and aggression. Getting the better of Styles by snagging that championship is what this storyline needs. Sometimes the faces don’t always win; sometimes it’s an interesting watch to see them knocked down, only to come back up.


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AJ Styles has had an incredible run with the WWE Championship, and I’m not suggesting that it is entirely over. Having said that, a Samoa Joe win on Sunday would certainly lock an extended program and feud between these tow men that could continue into the fall, and potentially late 2018.

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