It has happened before. The WWE site will have a retrospective on a wrestler who has long since been off TV. They will get a mention somewhere. And then, presto, said superstar returns to TV. Most recently this happened with RVD-he was highlighted during bits about other “Paul Heyman guys”.

Where is this leading? Right now, there is one single major angle in WWE (with apologies to the Punk/Heyman/Axel angle). Call it the Corporate Reign of Terror. Daniel Bryan has only been able to get his comeuppance by spray painting a truck – otherwise, he’s been beaten and abused at virtually every turn since the SummerSlam main event. Big Show has been turned into a 7-foot crying non-threat. Ziggler and Miz have been muted, which for those two is pretty hard to do. And of course most recently on Monday’s RAW, Cody Rhodes was “fired”.

Given how involved Cody has been over the last number of months, both with and against future WHC Damien Sandow, there really was no way anyone could have considered this a legit, non-storyline related termination. Even WWE isn’t that dumb. So you just knew this would lead into a bigger piece of the angle. And now, looking at the WWE website, they now have comments up from Dustin and Dusty about Cody’s “firing”. We all know that, were a superstar actually fired, WWE would not be giving relatives a stage to talk out about their firing. It’s all about furthering the story telling. Dusty would clearly be an advisor/mouthpiece at this point, but how would they make use of Dustin? Would be interesting to see.

Another wrinkle here is that Cody’s parting comments really pointed out what he called decades of mistreatment starting with his dad by Vince. But, at least one way this angle wraps up is with Vince on one side and Hunter/Stephanie on the other. I have to then assume that the fracture is going to be a long time coming (like, starting early next year), allowing a possible McMahon/Rhodes clash between now and then. Really very curious to see how this one plays out.

But that wasn’t the only possible hint WWE dropped. Watching how this Corporate angle is unfolding, I really expect someone not on the main roster to show up and support Daniel Bryan. I provided a few possibilities in an earlier article, but one I omitted was Stone Cold Steve Austin. And of course, WWE.COM has a piece about Austin and his take on Bryan and this angle. It could be nothing…but it could easily be WWE just laying the foundation for Austin getting involved in things. After all, in the Attitude era, who loved to harass McMahon more than Austin?

The Rhodes becoming involved in some form I call a lock. Austin? Harder to predict. He’s been pretty quiet of late, no doubt enjoying his time away from the ring. Could he be enticed to get back to WWE and play an integral role as a non-wrestling entity? I have no doubt. If Vince thinks he needs that boost, like getting The Rock back in over the past few years, then I am 100% certain Vince would do whatever it took to get Austin back even for a short run. As long as the move helps the active roster, I am all for it.

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