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And, before you chomp my head off…I do not mean that comparison in a positive manner.

So what DO I mean? Well, a few weeks ago, as Jason Jordan was temporarily thrust onto Team RAW for Survivor Series, no fan was happy. And this lead me to wonder, is this the next iteration of Roman Reigns? A guy being pushed because someone in the executive offices wants to, regardless of the fan reception for him? And I couldn’t help but think he might be. Let’s examine the parallels…

First, both had nice runs in NXT. And, for that matter, early on in their main roster run. Back when they were new and exciting, and came with zero expectations or pressure, things were fine. It was obvious to many that Roman had the size and look that would appeal to top brass when it came to becoming a star. The problem was, fans were more into his Shield brothers initially when it came to singles pushes, but Stamford didn’t care. They pushed, and we’ve all seen how he’s been received. Now, with Jason Jordan, it was not quite the same. Yes, good NXT run and early WWE run, but I don’t think anyone was looking at him as a sure fire future singles star. Possibility was there, for sure, but when WWE pulled off the “Kurt Angle’s my daddy” stunt, a lot of us were rather surprised. And the push was on, and many heads have been scratched in bewilderment.

Second, the push continued regardless of reception. This is true for both men. They were pushed, and poorly received. They were then pushed even harder, and still not a warm reception was to be found. Like it or not, WWE Creative stuck to their guns and pushed on. And at some point, for each man, guys like me questioned whether or not a heel turn was in their best interest. Now, with Roman, they avoided it. They flirted at times, but they’ve yet to go there. For Jason Jordan, they have not yet gone there, but it seems that they are flirting with that now too.

Now, the difference between the two? Oh, just a few singles belts.

I think Jordan has, at least in terms of reception, achieved a similar level as Roman Reigns-or even John Cena. As for if he can be the next Roman Reigns, including the championships? He certainly hopes so.

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