Wonder what match we all will be talking about the morning after Wrestlemania 33? Might be the Women’s Championship (RAW or SmackDown, take your pick), but I believe most fans will be blown away by Kevin Owens versus Chris Jericho. Good as friends, even better as enemies. Their heel (yet comedic) BFF angle has been the reason many fans have tuned into RAW as of late and this feud continues to head up as we are mere days from the Grandest Stage of Them All.

While I would have preferred a champion versus champion match, the silver lining is that the absence of the Universal title certainly won’t hinder the quality of the bout itself. We are looking at two of the best when it comes to elevating a match and both are no strangers to pulling out all the stops when it comes to Wrestlemania, although Y2J obviously has a little more experience in this department.

Still, with Chris Jericho reportedly taking some time off post-Wrestlemania season, touring with band Fozzy of course, what does this mean for the Owens/Jericho program? It’s not hard to predict that this may mean that Owens will not only chalk up a Wrestlemania victory to his resume, but a U.S. title reign as well. It’s hard to say what will become of Jericho. He may suffer a storyline-related injury to carry a strong reason for his hiatus. It’s undeniable, Jericho will be missed by fans, as this last run of his has arguably been one of the best of his career; he accomplished so much, including adding a U.S. Championship to his collection of WWE accolades helping him enter an exclusive group within the company, Grand Slam Champion. You know you might be doing something right when as heel you are getting cheered by fans and Jericho has not only been entertaining in that squared circle, but also on the mic. He is one of this business’s best talkers and I truly believe that I’m not sure what the state of RAW would have been, had Jericho not been a part of the roster post-SummerSlam after plans to elevate Finn Balor got dumped due to his injury.

And then there’s KO.

I’m a fan. I love the heels and faces in this industry and give credit where credit is due. Kevin Owens lives and breathes his heel status, whether he’s entering an arena, on social media, or walking down that aisle. He’s also phenomenal in that ring and I am continually blown away by the moves he executes and his agility, especially considering his build. Did the Y2J/BFF angle soften Owens just a smidge? Maybe, but that only makes his return of the aggressive Prize Fighter that much more compelling.

Mix the personal side of this program, along with fantastic promos, and two men that are dedicated to not only an incredible match, but also their own respective WM moments, and I do believe we have the ‘match of the night’ when it comes to Kevin Owens versus Chris Jericho and Wrestlemania 33.

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