Live from the Camping World Stadium in Orlando, Florida Brock Lesnar became the new RAW Universal Champion when he defeated Goldberg during the largest WWE pay-per-view (PPV) of the year, Wrestlemania 33. In other Wrestlemania news, Orton managed to end the era of Wyatt, when he defeated Bray thanks to an RKO (outta nowhere). In addition, Roman Reigns cleanly beat The Undertaker. Taker would leave his hat, coat, and gloves in the middle of the ring; a clear sign this was probably his last match. Lastly, the Hardy Boyz returned to the WWE and captured RAW’s Tag Team Titles.

Full results of the 2017 Wrestlemania 33 PPV, below:

Neville defeated Austin Aries to retain his Cruiserweight Championship – Pre-Show Kickoff Match

Wrestlemania 33 kicked off with the Cruiserweights and these two talents did not disappoint. The live and at-home audiences were treated to some incredible high-flying action that only 205 Live competitors can bring. While Aries did hit his 450 Splash finisher near the end of the match, he could not get a three-count on Neville; so Aries applied his Last Chancery submission. Neville was able to break the hold by digging his fingers into Aries’ injured eye. Neville then climbed up to the top rope, laid his Red Arrow finisher, gained the pin, and retained his Cruiserweight title.

Mojo Rawley: Winner Of The Andre The Giant Memorial Battle Royal – Pre-Show Kickoff

Plenty of action, a lot of chaos, and huge surprises when both Big Show and Braun Strowman were eliminated rather early on in the Andre The Giant Memorial Battle Royal. With numerous eliminations throughout the match, as the battle royal winded down there were five competitors left: NXTs Killian Dain, Mojo Rawley, Titus O’Neil, Jinder Mahal, and Sami Zayn. Titus and Zayn were then eliminated, leaving three left in the ring. Action spilled outside, when Mahal was taunting Rob Gronkowski (football star and a friend of Rawley’s who was sitting front row) by beating up Mojo in front of him. Rob took of his t-shirt, jumped over the barricade, and entered the ring – clocking Mahal; meanwhile Mojo recuperated, stepped back into the ring and took care of business. Rawley eliminated Dain and then Jinder Mahal to win the coveted Andre The Giant Memorial Battle Royal match and trophy. Gronkowski and Rawley celebrated in the ring, post match.

Dean Ambrose defeated Baron Corbin to retain his Intercontinental Championship – Pre-Show Kickoff

Baron Corbin started off strong, launching an aggressive attack on Dean Ambrose. Ambrose did come back and the match turned even more physical with some high-flying moves one would come to expect from The Lunatic Fringe, including a leap off the top ropes from Ambrose onto Corbin who was lying outside the ring. When all was said and done, Corbin tried to lay his End of Days move, but Ambrose countered into his Dirty Deeds. He laid his finisher, gained the pin, and retained his IC title.

AJ Styles defeated Shane McMahon

The match started off slow and perhaps this help build up some anticipation. Although, when the time was right, Shane started with jabs to Styles and the action slowly began to pick up; it wasn’t long before the fight spilled outside and AJ kicked McMahon right into the announcers’ table. The match, in general, was evenly toned, with each man providing a move and counter-move throughout the bout; with some submission moves sprinkled throughout. Styles even laid his Styles Clash on Shane, but it wasn’t enough for a three-count win. During the match, the referee got knocked out, and AJ capitalized on this. He brought in two steel garbage cans from under the ring and propped one up on McMahon (who was lying in the corner). AJ proceeded to climb to the top rope to knock out Shane, but McMahon recovered, grabbed the can and hit Styles with it while he was coming down. McMahon then proceed to prop a can onto AJ (who was in the corner) and flew off the top rope, kicking the can right into Styles’ face. McMahon then tried to pin Styles, but only got a two-count. Shane would then lay Styles on the announcers’ table, head to the top rope, and try and hammer AJ, but Styles moved. Styles threw Shane back into the ring, and as he went to lay the Phenomenal Four Arm, Shane countered with a DDT. McMahon would then climb to the top of the rope for a Shooting Star Press, but AJ would move at the last minute. One more Phenomenal Four Arm on Shane and Styles would gain the three-count and the win.

Kevin Owens defeated Chris Jericho to win the United States Championship

These two got into the action right away and it wasn’t long before Y2J tried to lock in the Walls of Jericho, alas, the submission was broken. KO laid a huge offense, also taking moments to play some mind games by trash talking Jericho. The match got so intense, that KO started bleeding on his forehead at one point. Regardless, the match did not have one aggressor, where both competitors had counter moves on each other. In fact, KO caught Y2J mid-air and was able to lock him into his own signature move: Walls of Jericho … thankfully, Y2J was able to break the submission. Not long after, Y2J once again placed Owens in WOJ, but KO was able to reach for the ropes. With chants of ‘Kevin Owens … Y2J’, KO was able to lay his Pop-Up Powerbomb finisher, alas he only hit a two-count on the pin. Amongst more trash talk like, ‘you were never my best friend’ and ‘you are trash’, KO went for one more Pop-Up, but Jericho was able to lay his Code Breaker. As he went for the pin, KO was able to place his finger on the closest rope to break the pin count. As the action spilled outside the ring, KO laid a powerbomb on Jericho against the ring apron, then threw him back in the ring, and was able to get the pin and win the U.S. Championship.

Bayley defeated Charlotte, Sasha Banks, and Nia Jax to retain her RAW Women’s Championship

Nia Jax got the match started off by attacking Charlotte as soon as the bell rung. All three women would eventually try and work together to attack Nia, but she was able to dominate over all three … no matter how hard The Boss/Queen/Hugger tried. Still, the triple-team against Nia eventually took its toll, and all three ladies jumped on top of Jax when it came to pin time, and they succeeded: Jax was the first pinned and eliminated. Bayley was thrown out of the ring and it became a two-on-two match between The Boss and The Queen. After a hard-fought bout, Charlotte ended up pinning Banks and eliminating her … and then there was two. These two locked up and it wasn’t long before Charlotte locked in her dad’s infamous submission maneuver: the Figure-Four Leg Lock. Alas, The Hugger was able to hit the ropes and the submission was broken, after some coaxing from the ref. Alas in the end, Bayley climbed to the top rope, hit the legendary Macho Man Randy Savage’s Elbow Drop (an inspiration to her), and gained the pin and win to retain her RAW Women’s Championship.

The Hardy Boyz defeated Big Cass and Enzo Amore, The Club (Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson), and Cesaro/Sheamus RAW Tag Team Championships – Ladder Match

Before the match started, The New Day came out to the entrance ramp to announce to the crowd that the bout had turned into a fatal four-way match and another team was being added … and it was none other than the Hardy Boyz! As soon as the match got underway, all chaos broke loose! The spotlight was the Hardy Boyz early on as they made quick work of each team within that ring through their high-flying moves and overall incredible energy. Some highlights of the match include: Cesaro laying his Swing on Anderson, as Gallows got fists to the chest by Sheamus; Sheamus kicking Jeff Hardy off the apron and into the other four-way competitors; Enzo tipping the ladder over as Gallows and Sheamus both her on top of it having a fist fight over the tag titles; Matt Hardy and Karl Anderson fighting it out on top of a ladder, and Matt hitting Anderson with a Twist of Fate; and Jeff jumping off a ladder and hitting Sheamus and Cesaro (who were laying on ladders) across the outside of the ring. When all was said and done, Matt climbed to the top of the ladder (pun-intended) to grab the RAW tag titles and sit high on the top of the WWE tag team division mountain.

John Cena and Nikki Bella defeated The Miz and Maryse – Mixed Tag Match

The women initially were left in the ring to start things out, but Maryse quickly tagged in Miz, forcing Nikki to tag Cena in. Playing mind games and delaying the inevitable, The Miz ran out of the ring, around the corner, back in (where Cena followed him), only to start attacking Cena once he rolled back into the ring. The Miz dominated over Cena in the bout, with Maryse even slapping Cena at one point when he was near their corner. As John Cena struggled to make it to his corner, Maryse came from behind Bella, and knocked to her off the apron; preventing a tag. The Miz would move on to plant a DDT on Cena, go for the pin, but only get a two-count. Continuing his aggression, he knocked Cena down, only to turn around and mimic Bella’s brother-in-law Daniel Bryan through initiating ‘yes’ chants in the crowd. He would also do the ‘you can’t see me’ gesture to Bella, where she slapped him in the face. Cena would be able to hit a tag to Bella where she would launch an attack on Marsye, even fly through the ropes at one point and hit The Miz. In the end, Cena laid his AA on Miz and Bella would hit her Rack Attack 2.0 and the two would pin both Miz and Maryse in the middle of the ring at the same time. John Cena would propose to Nikki, post-match. (she said YES!)

Seth Rollins defeated HHH – Unsanctioned Match

The two started fighting as soon as the bell rang. HHH immediately tried to attack the injured knee of Rollins, but Seth wouldn’t allow it. The fight spilled out into the crowd, over the barricade. The fight would continue outside the ring, and Rollins would try and hit the Pedigree on HHH on the announcers’ table, but Hunter would reverse and hit a DDT on him. Triple H would proceed to take a steel chair and hit Rollins across his injured knee – and his focus would be continued damage on that injury. Seemingly injured, Rollins tried to fight back, but Hunter continued his aggressive and dominant assault. Still, Rollins would come back and laid a Buckle Bomb on HHH, despite his ‘pain’. Seth would climb on top of the ring post to launch himself onto Triple H. Both would try to gain a pin on each other, both would fail with only a two-count. Stephanie would also be a factor in this match, by distracting Rollins, which would help ease HHH into placing him in a knee submission. Thankfully, it was broken. As HHH placed the knee submission outside the ring, Rollins would desperately try to grab something under the ring to hit Hunter with, so he could break the hold. Amongst the things he threw out was HHH’s infamous sledgehammer. When it seemed like all was lost, Rollins grabbed a hold of the sledgehammer; alas, Stephanie was able to grab it. HHH caught him off guard and laid the Pedigree on him – but The Game was still only able to get a two-count off it. Rollins then delivered a Phoenix Splash on The Game, only to get a two-count off that pin. After a struggle for both men to lay the Pedigree on each other, Stephanie got caught up in the mix on the apron and HHH accidently hit her, and she flew into a table. Rollins laid the Pedigree on him and gained the three-count and the win over HHH.

Randy Orton defeated Bray Wyatt to become a 13-time WWE World Heavyweight Championship

Bray launched an attack on Randy Orton as soon as the bell rung. Physical attack would turn to mind games, as the arena blacked out and the ring ignited into a reflection of squirming magnets. The incident shook Orton and he flew out of the ring. It would occur once again, the next time the reflection was dirty worms. Bray would declare to the crowd that ‘he was a God’. Action would spill outside the ring, with an RKO laid on Wyatt. The arena would black out once more, with images of flies coming from the ring; where Orton would respond with an RKO (outta nowhere), grabbing the pin and that WWE World Heavyweight Championship.

Brock Lesnar defeated Goldberg to become the new RAW Universal Champion

Brock Lesnar did not waste any time, laying three German Suplexes on Lesnar from the get-go. Goldberg would retaliate by Spearing Lesnar twice in the ring and then once through a barricade outside the ring. Once back in the ring, Goldberg proceeded to lay some more Spears on Lesnar and then a Jackhammer, however could not gain the three-count on the Beast. Goldberg tried another Spear, but Lesnar was able to leap frog over him. Lesnar then took Goldberg to Suplex City laying more German Suplexes on him. An F-5 later, and Lesnar gained the pin on Goldberg and became the new RAW Universal Champion.

Naomi defeated Alexa Bliss, Becky Lynch, Mickie James, Carmella (with James Ellsworth), Natalya SmackDown LIVE’s Women’s Championship – Six-Pack Challenge

Lots of action both inside and outside the ring. Each superstar had their spotlight in the match, including Ellsworth who stepped into the ring and lost a confrontation with Becky Lynch. Nattie would even place both Carmella and Naomi (at the same time) in her Sharpshooter submission. In the end, Naomi would win the match and title when she placed Bliss in a submission maneuver and Alexa tapped out.

Roman Reigns The Undertaker – No Holds Barred Match

The Undertaker launched an attack on Roman Reigns as soon as the bell rung, throwing the former Shield member out of the ring, telling him that ‘it is still my yard’. With chants of ‘Roman Sucks’, the Undertaker would continue his attack outside the ring, throwing Reigns into the steel steps. The action would continue outside the ring, with the Deadman laying a chokeslam on Reigns over the announcers’ table and when he tried to do it off the Spanish announce table, Reigns came back and Speared him. As the match progressed, the fight continued, and a steel chair was used to chokeslam Reigns onto. The Deadman would proceed to Tombstone Reigns, but still wasn’t able to get a three-count pin. Alternatively, Reigns would lay a Superman Punch and Spear on Taker and was not able to gain a three-count. As The Deadman tried to reach for the steel chair, Reigns was able to grab it and capitalize on it. In the end, The Undertaker tried to do his famous ‘sit up’ move, where he comes to ‘life’ after being laid out, but he could not do it with ease. In the end after exchanging some words, Reigns would launch an attack of slaps and then a Spear, gaining the three-count and the win. After the match, Undertaker lay in the middle of the ring, amongst the entire Orlando crowd chanting, ‘Thank You Taker”, and slowly rose up … he would place his hat and coat on, the lights would dim to the audience applauding him.  Taker took off his gloves, coat, and hat … and left them in the ring.

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