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Bray Wyatt finally returned to action after a viral infection that plagued the Monday Night RAW roster and placed him out of action for weeks. He missed Tables, Ladders, and Chairs (TLC) and it was no secret to outside the ring or in storylines. Last week, WWE fans were treated to many comebacks and returns; this week, The Shield was finally able to reunite and jump back into action after breaking up three years ago. Most of the returns last week were acknowledged, Roman Reigns’ return was definitely placed at the forefront in RAW’s opener.

Still, Bray Wyatt really got no love for his big return on the November 13th edition of RAW and was simply booked in a match with Jason Jordan as if The Eater of Worlds had never even been away from the show.

On top of that, as it seems right now, he doesn’t have a spot on the final Big Four pay-per-view (PPV) of 2017, Survivor Series.

I feel like this is déjà vu with the Wyatt character.

If we recall back in 2016, Wyatt was rarely booked in PPVs and despite the fact that is character was well-over with fans, it seemed that WWE management failed to see this.

After receiving somewhat of a push earlier in 2017, the Bray Wyatt character is once again following into a slump, and it’s clear that WWE Creative does not know what to do with Bray. While the Wyatt persona is innovative, connects well with the fans (despite being heel), and Bray as a talent is extremely competent on the mic and a great storyteller in the ring; he seems to consistently get overlooked within the hierarchy of both rosters. He’s a main event player that really should be in the title race picture much more, but seems to linger between the main event and mid-upper card standings.

And, I just don’t get it.

While I understand that he was sick and that a spot within the Survivor Series PPV is most likely not plausible at this point, the RAW men’s team is so stacked after all, his return to action should have been a bit more glorified; if it could not be, then WWE should have waited until after Survivor Series to bring him back into storylines. Clearly, the idea of a Sister Abigail persona has been scrapped (this might be a good thing), but in order for fans to perceive him as a main event player, he should have received somewhat of a hero’s welcome upon his return as Samoa Joe did, Nia Jax, and Roman Reigns.

Wyatt has had his highs and lows this year. Becoming WWE World Heavyweight Champion and defeating John Cena (twice, cleanly) is definitely a high. Low points? Well, some may list the House of Horrors match as one; his feud with Finn Balor was incredible, but Balor did come out looking like the stronger talent; Sister Abigail coming out (in promo only) was a terrible blow for the character – and it may have been a good thing that Wyatt got sick before the match at Tables, Ladders, and Chairs rolled out.

I believe in Bray Wyatt and despite some stumbles, I think that there is a WWE Champion and future Hall of Famer in the making. It’s tiring to see Wyatt consistently overlooked when it comes to opportunities; it’s tiring to see him try to climb the WWE ladder to take two steps forward, and then eight steps back. Wyatt doesn’t need a revamp in persona, what he needs is a good storyline and solid program. A little more air time, where he is propositioned as a huge player on the RAW roster. Because he is.

I’m hoping that as we bid adieu to the end of 2017, WWE management and Creative will see what I see; an incredible talent that is consistently being wasted. A character that needs less tampering with when it comes to gimmick matches and such, one that simply needs a strong story to pull Wyatt back up into the forefront of the RAW roster. Simple may be better for Bray and sticking to his creepy promos against a face at this point might be the best thing.

Or perhaps even a turn. Wyatt could make the perfect and unorthodox babyface for the WWE Universe. No need to step on Roman Reigns’ toes, but a character that fights against the norm, the ‘man’; a misfit that struggles to fit into a world of conformity.

Regardless, I’m hoping 2018 is the year Bray Wyatt gets a little more love when it comes to Monday Night RAW. In my opinion, it’s best for business.

WNZ fans! Were you surprised that Bray Wyatt didn’t have a big spot around his return to action after weeks away from action? Leave your comments below!

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