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We all knew it was coming, we could see the light at the end of the broken tunnel during the November 27th edition of Monday Night RAW when Matt Hardy sat in the corner of the ring and started chanting ‘delete’ as the live crowd quickly got louder and louder.

Broken Matt Hardy was on the horizon and despite the fact that we all knew we would see a glimpse of him this past Monday night, fans everywhere marked out as soon as Matt appeared on the jumbotron during a split-screen promo with Bray Wyatt.

He’s woken and not broken, but these are simply minor details.  

I like what I’m seeing on a multitude of levels. Woken Matt’s reveal was saved for closer to the end of the show; this created anticipation last night. He’s entering a bonefide program with Bray Wyatt; this is a match wrestling fans have wanted to see well before the Hardy Boyz even re-entered the WWE spectrum. From the glimpse of the promo last night, it seems that the WWE is staying as true to the Broken Matt character as possible, which is something that most fans want.

If done right, Woken versus Wyatt could be a good thing for both superstars. Each talent has been in a funk as of late and both deserve a program that will only heighten their characters and connection with the WWE Universe. Matt hasn’t been on the best of streaks since his brother Jeff was injured with no storylines or programs to speak of. Woken Matt is just what Hardy needs to prove that he can handle singles competition without Jeff; plus, a new program could be developed between the two brothers once Jeff returns. Meanwhile, Bray Wyatt started 2017 with a bang by becoming WWE World Heavyweight Champion, but has slowly dwindled along the way with match losses and creatively-poor storylines. I still feel that when it comes to out-of-the-box characters like Wyatt, you need to take chances, therefore, you will win some and lose some. With Bray, it seems like the strikes against the character are mounting, even though it’s clear he still has a strong connection with the fans. We want to see him succeed and at some point, I’m sure he will. There is so much that one can do with a character like Bray Wyatt and he’s got a long career ahead of him.

What should happen next? Clearly, more promos and mind games from both men. Woken Matt versus Bray Wyatt is a big match that needs to roll out at a pay-per-view (PPV) and not television. I see this as a rivalry that could extend into the new year and looking ahead in the PPV lineup, the next opportunity for this would be Royal Rumble: a huge and deserving platform for such a match. Another option would be the two squaring off in the main Rumble match and saving a Matt versus Wyatt for Fastlane 2018, which also happens to be a RAW-based event.

Regardless, I was pleased with the Woken reveal last night. The promo between the two, bantering off their crazy talk and insane laughter, speaking about the same thing yet still spewing nonsense of was the perfect start to something big for both Woken Matt and Bray Wyatt.

WNZ fans! What are your thoughts on Woken Matt finally entering the WWE? Leave your comments below!

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