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What started out as a comment on Talking RAW last Sunday (after No Mercy), turned into a tweeting rant, which evolved into a segment on the September 25th edition of Monday Night RAW … which will most likely turn into a title race program.

Yes, Alexa Bliss retained her RAW Women’s Championship after battling through a fatal five-way match with the same players who have been in the title race picture for months now: Sasha Banks, Nia Jax, and Bayley. Sure, Emma was a welcomed new face that appeared in that match, but the other three ladies have dominated the RAW women’s championship scene for a long while.

And they’ve deserved it, I’m not taking anything away from Banks, The Hugger, or Jax for that matter.

Still, it’s a nice change to see Mickie James back into the mix of things. To be honest, since she debuted last year as La Luchadora, WWE has done little with this five-time women’s champ/one-time Divas champ, and I feel like she’s a female talent that has fallen well-under the radar. The WWE women’s division has experienced a surge of popularity in its evolution, and Mickie, someone who has been a trailblazer in this movement well before it was a ‘thing’, somehow got left behind.

As a seasoned wrestler, James has a resume like no other female on either WWE brand currently. She’s the only woman in history to hold the TNA Knockouts championships, as well as Divas title and WWE Women’s championships. In 2009, she hit the number one spot as top female wrestler by Pro Wrestling illustrated (PWI) and then was voted in by the PWI fans as Women of the year in both 2009 and 2011.

The talent is there, the in-ring experience, mic skills, and Mickie knows her persona well. To boot, while I do love Banks, Bayley, and Nia – it is time for a fresh, yet familiar, face to enter a title race program. To boot, there really was no bonefide settling to the falling out between Alexa Bliss and James, after her Luchadora character was exposed and she ended up turning on her ‘friend’ this past March. It seemed like Wrestlemania hit, then the Superstar Shake-Up and the Bliss/James program fizzled and fast.

Therefore, the timing seems so perfect for these two women to bring up the past, battle it out, and close a chapter. Do I think that Mickie has a chance to dethrone Alexa? Anything is possible. Still, with Asuka on the cusp of hitting the women’s main roster, I do believe James will become another notch in Bliss’ proverbial conquest belt to help elevate RAW’s Godess to go toe-to-toe with an NXT superstar that is entering the main roster with much hype and anticipation. It does seem that Asuka is being set up to overthrow Alexa in the long-run. Therefore, as Bliss has already gone through The Boss, The Hugger, conquered a fatal five-way match with RAW’s top female superstars (including Nia Jax); a win against one of the best female wrestlers of all time will simply be the cherry on the sundae as she enters a program with Asuka.

Still, James being in this spotlight is more than just about winning the title. While it would be a nice little added accolade on her incredible list of pro wrestling accomplishments, the bigger idea here is that Mickie finally will be getting more air time on RAW, potentially pay-per-view (one-on-one) match, as well as a chance to further connect with her fan base; fans that miss seeing her on a regular basis.

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