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Wrestlenewz brings you live play-by-play, results and viewing party for tonight’s WWE Monday Night Raw (6/18/2018) broadcast. Pre-show starts at 7:50 pm EST and the main show at 8 pm EST. What will happen in the fallout from last night’s Money In The Bank pay-per-view? Tweet and follow @wrestlenewz on Twitter.

Monday Night Raw: 8 pm EST

Show opens up and Raw General Manager Kurt Angle is in the ring and he introduces new Raw Women’s Champion Alexa Bliss. Bliss comes out and starts to thank the WWE Universe for the opportunity. The crowd chants “You deserve it.” Bliss says this is the opportunity she was talking about: the opportunity to rub it in all their faces. The crowd boos and then chants “We want Ronda.” Ronda’s music hits and she storms out to the ring. Bliss starts to mock and taunt Ronda about all the welts and bruises she left on her body.

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Bliss says Ronda is really out there because she can’t stand that the headlines last night, for once, weren’t about her. All the major media publications had stories about Bliss. Bliss is the champion and Ronda is irrelevant. She tells Ronda if she wants a title shot she better get to the back of the line “You over hyped rookie!” Ronda flips out and attacks Bliss. Ronda relentlessly batters Bliss with the MITB briefcase. Angle tries to stop her and Ronda turns on him too, swinging wildly with the briefcase on Angle.

Officials come in and try to restrain her and she attacks all of them as well. Ronda then lifts Bliss up and powerbombs her through the table in the ring. Ronda’s music hits and she wears a mean mug expression and storms up the aisle to the back as Angle tries to admonish her for her actions. Corey Graves on commentary says Ronda has lost it and she’s completely gone off the deep end. Backstage, Ronda is telling Angle that she’s tired of people telling her this isn’t the UFC. Angle tells Ronda she’s going to have to be suspended. She says sorry and stomps off.


Renee Young tries to interview Ronda before she leaves and Ronda says she doesn’t care about the suspension because she only cares about kicking Bliss’ pink-haired ass.


Intercontinental Champion Seth Rollins comes out to the ring to cut a promo. He says Elias took him to his limits last night but he’s still the IC Champ. The crowd chants “Burn it down!” Rollins says he’s a fighting champion and asks if the crowd is down to see an IC Championship open challenge. The audience cheers and Rollins beckons someone from the back to answer the challenge. Dolph Ziggler’s music hits and he comes out looking fired up and ready to go. But Ziggler stops on the stage and suddenly Drew McIntyre’s music hits. Which one will be facing Rollins?

Intercontinental Championship Open Challenge: Seth Rollins (c) vs. Dolph Ziggler

Ziggler is the one who slides in the ring and the ring announcer makes the introductions. Bell sounds and Ziggler comes out aggressively. Rollins fires back and they each evade each other’s early finishing move-attempts. Ziggler rolls out of the ring for a quick regroup. Commercial break.

Back again and Rollins is taking it to Ziggler. Rollins goes for a springboard but Ziggler dropkicks his legs out and Rollins tumbles to the outside. When they’re both back in the ring, Ziggler starts working on Rollins’ knee. He goes for a couple pin attempts but Rollins gets the shoulder up. Ziggler drops an elbow and slaps on a rear chin-lock. Ziggler wears Rollins down with a methodical attack. He whips Rollins hard into the corner and Rollins flips into the corner and back down again.

Ziggler puts on a submission. Rollins gets up and works out of it. He catapults Ziggler into the corner. Ziggler sells the damage and McIntyre tries to give him a pep talk. Rollins starts to build momentum now. He hits a slingblade and then clothesline Ziggler over and out of the ring. Then Rollins follows up with a suicide dive. He throws Ziggler back in the ring and hits a springboard clothesline. He pins but Ziggler kicks out. Commercial break.

Back again and Rollins goes for a buckle-bomb but Zigger counters with a sunset flip. Rollins kicks out. Rollins ends up tuning up the band and he goes for the Curb Stomp. Ziggler moves and plants Rollins with a Famouser. He pins. 1-2-… but Rollins kicks out. The crowd chants “This is awesome!” Ziggler goes for a superkick but Rollins counters with two of his own and pins for a near-fall. Rollins goes to the top rope and leaps for the splash but Ziggler rolls out of the way.

Now Ziggler goes to the top rope but Rollins heads him off with a shot. Rollins sets Ziggler up for a superplex but Ziggler knocks him back to the mat. Rollins springs back up for the superplex but Ziggler knocks him back again. Ziggler goes for the cross-body but Rollins receives him and rolls through. They scramble and Rollins ends up getting distracted by McIntyre. Ziggler rolls Rollins up with a fistful of tights for the 3-count. Dolph Ziggler is the new Intercontinental Champion.

Winner: Dolph Ziggler (c)

After the match, Ziggler taunts Rollins and waves the belt around in his face. Rollins pushes him back and then McIntyre and Ziggler gang up and beat Rollins down some more.


New IC champ Ziggler and McIntyre cut a promo backstage and they say they won’t be like other champions and allow this to make them soft. They are men of their words and they do what they say they will do.


Singles Match: Bobby Roode vs. Curt Hawkins

Match gets underway and Hawkins has some early success. Roode is quick to regain his wits and spikes Hawkins with a Glorious DDT for the pinfall.

Winner: Bobby Roode

With that loss to Bobby Roode, Hawkins record losing streak moves to 204 straight.

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