While the WWE is finally making good on that desire to bring back tag team wrestling, fans are appreciative that tag wrestling is finally being respected in the WWE again. Now that tag team wrestling is on the rise, it’s fun to think about a few good, logical teams that could be assembled from single’s wrestlers. We’re not saying that these aren’t teams should be imminently united or ever even created at all for that matter, but they are pairings that will make sense. This is solely for fun, so let’s put together a few teams.

wade_barrett_by_themesbullyhd-d61tvthSheamus and Wade Barrett–This one would make sense for a number of reasons:  WRESTLEMANIA-28-sheamus-30359651-1284-722Both guys like to fight, both come from the British Isles, both were given huge pushes once they hit the main roster, etc. While they’ve been set up as archetypal enemies in the past, they’d create a fearsome tag team that would blend the best skills of both men to create a team that I think most people could get behind. Sheamus would gain Barrett fans who find Sheamus corny and boring, and Barrett would gain Sheamus fans who didn’t realize how good Barrett was. If they had Regal manage these two, then we’d be witnesses to one of the smartest, most fitting groupings that the WWE has put together.  Sheamus and Barrett with Regal at the helm wouldn’t be a trumped up version of the Real Americans, because both men can hold their own in every way. It’d just be a helluva group and great WWE TV. They’d just need a good name. If McIntyre joined in with the group and they started wrecking targets in the WWE at will, they’d create an interesting dynamic. (Editor’s Note: Apparently, the WWE has brought this idea into WWE12 but not to reality.)

big e backbreakerKofi Royal RumbleBig E and Kofi–Big E and Kofi aren’t too dissimilar; Langston has island roots and Kingston’s wrestling persona supposedly has Caribbean sensibilities. The story could be that they mesh on a personal level, and although that’d be hard to believe, let’s remember that Vince brought us angles that defy logic and reality. For example, the Boogeyman, the Goobledy Gooker, a stuttering Goldust, a mop-obsessed Perry Saturn, should I go on? This team would be an ideal blend of power and strength with speed and agility, and they could create some dynamic, impressive tandem moves.

christian del rioCesaro Bryan bannerAlberto Del Rio and Antonio Cesaro–Because fans invariably respond to xenophobic angles, this team could be branded as America-hating skilled grapplers out to prove that the rest of the world is better at wrestling than America. This could make for some phenomenal matches with Cesaro and Del Rio showing off their individual skills as well as making opponents look really good. Of course, you’d have to bring in James Mitchell or Armando Estrada for the purposes of mic work, as Cesaro is still learning the WWE style and Del Rio isn’t the best on the mic. Still, this time would be great.

Natalya and Tamina–Maybe they can be the Daughters of Destruction or something catchy and memorable. This will never happen as long as Natalya is on Total Divas, as this would require a heel turn for Nattie. However, the ruination that these two could create through the Divas division would be fun to watch. They’d need a mouthpiece, but it’d be fun to see them tear apart Divas with moves that the WWE normally reserves for guys. Wonder who would be created as the force to take down these Divas?

Truth and Fandango–This would be your classic odd couple pairing that after working a few times, could turn Dango face. Both guys love to dance, have an impressive aerial move skillset, and can go in the ring so the commonality for fans (casual or informed) would be there. The comedy here would be gold, but so would the wrestling. At 42, R-Truth still outclasses half of the roster in the ring and even physically, and Fandango has loads of potential that need to be utilized.

the shovelersTriple H and John Cena aka Dead End/Shovel Inc.– Their tandem finisher would be a spike piledriver.

As mentioned before, this is purely fun. If you have any other teams that would make sense or can think of a good name for any of these, feel free to speak up in the comments below. Which singles wrestlers would you unite for fitting teams?

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