Along with the general overall boost in wrestling quality and believable storylines that has made the last month of WWE television above average, the Diva division has also experienced a nice upswing on the strength of a particular Diva’s wrestling and verbal prowess. AJ delivered a memorable promo that generated substantial buzz, boosted total diva ratings, and injected life into a stale Diva division. With a Night of Champions 2013 Fatal-4-Way that will bleed into the reality show, it’s fitting to wonder where they’re going with the match, seeing that the prevailing notion is that AJ may drop the belt.


Naomi- It’s clear that athletically, Naomi is the class of the Divas division. She can do things that Natalya can’t and with her youth her athleticism is unchecked. However, that youth that allows her to wrestle well, move with agility, and fly with grace is also why she probably won’t win the title. She’s far too young, and I’m not talking about her age, because that’s irrelevant. She’s too young in the eyes of the audience; her character isn’t developed enough to be a standalone champion. We’re just starting to discover who she is and that’s solely because of Total Divas. She will be a Divas champion in the future, but just not now.

NatalyaNatalya- This makes the most sense from a wrestling and a fan standpoint; she’s the best wrestler in the Divas division and fans have seen her become a mainstay of the Divas scene. But the victor of the match will likely have some level of involvement with the next part of this first season of Total Divas. Yes that phrasing sounded awkward, but it’s about a show that’s having a “mid-season finale.” They wouldn’t be able to create and continue interesting storylines on Total Divas if they gave Natalya the title, although I’m all for her winning it.

brie bellaBrie- *Sigh.* I don’t want this to happen, but I can see this playing out from about a mile away. If Brie wins, that creates a slew of new angles and storylines for the Total Divas. They could play up tension between Nikki and Brie; they could build tension between Eva and the Bellas, with Eva wanting to eventually be champion and the Bellas not being found of anyone who could undercut them; they could motivate the Funkadactyls to pry the gold away from Brie; and they could use it to create an appealing storyline where the “Mean Girls” of the Diva division are being chased by the likable ones until they’re eventually brought to justice. (They lose the title.) Seeing as the WWE is going to do what’s best for business and ratings, the odds of Brie winning are really high. Besides, the Orton-Bryan feud is proof positive that people like watching a face chase a dastardly heel for the title until “justice” is served.

AJ LeeAJ- This would be a nice twist. If AJ retained the title, quite a few Total Divas storylines could emanate from this victory. For example, the Bellas could turn their attention to grabbing the title for the second half of the season or AJ could join Total Divas bringing Alicia Foxx and Aksana to form a group or the rookies could be faced with aligning with AJ vs aligning with the Funkadactyls vs aligning with the Bellas. A win for her would practically guarantee that she’d have to see some time on the show, and with the way that Total Divas has opened up the WWE to a newer audience, why not put AJ on there for a few episodes just to get her some more exposure?

No matter who wins the 4-way, this match will be a huge part of the show. If a new champion must be crowned, Brie Bella is the best bet given what the WWE is trying to accomplish with the show. But if they’re looking to add AJ onto the show, allowing her to defend the title against 3 takers makes her look strong and puts her on the show as a fighting champion and unique personality.

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