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Happy Wednesday everyone! It’s the midway point of my usual work week, and it’s the best weeknight for WWE television as it’s time once again for our hour of NXT goodness. With just two weeks (less, really) until TakeOver: Brooklyn 4, there’s much to settle. The biggest question now, perhaps, is what happens now that Ciampa is champ, with both Black and Gargano in pursuit. Will Black Mass be bound for Brooklyn? Let’s crack open this Nutshell and find out!

Best Match of the night:

Wasn’t really to completion, it ended in DQ, but the main event match between Gargano and Black, and the encompassing segment setting up the TakeOver main event was good.

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Worst match of the night:

How about changing this one to “match I was least into”? That probably fits better. I wasn’t really into Nikki and Nova at the beginning, and Borne and Conti was only marginally better. I do think Conti might be lining up for a push through the Classic, but that’s neither here nor there.

Crowd Chants of the Night:

Nikki’s gonna kill you


Lee! Lee! Lee!

Keith Lee

Johnny Wrestling


triple threat

let them fight


Thank you Regal

Star of the Night

The crowd was into Keith Lee like you wouldn’t believe. I knew he was a big signing based on how he’s been talked up, but he was way over with the crowd and looked pretty good in his TV debut.

The rest of the night belonged to the participants in our title triple threat.

Spot of the Night:

Keith Lee is going to be fun to watch. Check out his moves. Loved the double chop/slap.

Jobber of the Night:

This one goes to Adrian Jaoude, but I will say this. The announcers hyped the Brazilian a fair bit, so I don’t know if he’s going to be around a while and develop into something more or not. He did show some brief glimpses of being capable, and he certainly had a good look to him, so we shall see.

Upset of the Night:

Nothing really.

Holy Sh** Moment of the Night:

Watching Gargano, Ciampa and Black brawl. You can picture what they could do when given thirty to forty minutes in Brooklyn. That is, if the match actually happens.

Botch of the night:

Not quite a botch, but a couple spots in the Lee/Bartel match that were not as crisp as I expected. I chalk it up to a few things-both men’s debuts, for one, and for another, I think it was more a display of Lee’s brute strength. So I don’t really think it was a bad botch. Maybe not really a botch at all.

Commentary of the night:

She puts the spark in spark plug

And she changes her own oil!

A flying tank has come to Full Sail

LOL Moment of the night:

That Mauro/NXT would pretend that the pool/house that the Velveteen Dream/EC3 segment was filmed at was actually Dream’s. He might eventually make millions, but I am quite certain he hasn’t made that yet, and it would take a significant income which most people in their early 20s don’t have, in order to afford that mortgage. It was laughable.

The best part of that segment though? Had to be Dream freaking out after hitting the water, only to have EC3 yell at him “it’s three feet deep!”

Noteworthy Moment:

So, WWE let someone else…a relative newbie in NXT no less…have music in it that says “my time is now”? Did they think about that before they went with it?

Really…odd…segment with EC3 and Dream. At a palatial home’s back yard, EC3 comes in to talk with Dream. Dream says “have a seat”. EC3 sits, and Dream says “let’s go for a walk”. EC3 then figured Dream was fixing to throw him in the pool, which had Dream saying no way, not for the top 1%. Instead, after Dream’s glasses hit the ground, EC3 bent over to pick them up and Dream went for the pool shot, which EC3 turned into a fireman’s carry into the pool.  I am certain the match will be better than the segment.

Cain Velasquez was shown in the stands. Given he’s also been shown training at the Performance Center in recent months, this could lead to something.

Regal confirmed, the NXT title will be defended in a triple threat match, which Mauro explained is the first time ever on a TakeOver that the belt is defended in a triple threat.

Though, the status of the triple threat is up in the air, with Black suffering an injury at the tapings. This could be why, if you checked WWE.Com post-NXT, they showed him being found unconscious backstage. Stay tuned.

Overall lowlights:

Was not a fan of the segment with the Street Profits. Couldn’t really follow enough of it, but I gather they are taking on The Mighty next week (confirmed with on screen graphic).

The Dream/EC3 segment was a bit weird too.

Overall highlights:

Keith Lee. Impressed by him, and if his debut is a good indication, then NXT has the talent to get over losing a guy like Aleister to the main roster. Not that one is equal to the other, but you can see why talent evaluators are high on the man who calls himself Limitless.

The set up for the triple threat. Sucked to get a tease of Gargano and Black, but the payoff was worthwhile.

After the final bell:

I am not trying to be judgy…but when someone wears what Amber wore…or even Zelina or Sheamus last night…I don’t know how that could possibly be comfortable to wear in the ring. I wrestled. I wore a singlet and a shirt. I would be worried about a wardrobe malfunction or a weggie or something bad. I mean, I guess it works for them, so hey, great. But I figure wrestlers shouldn’t need to be risking too much exposure (it’s another reason I think Carmella’s wrestling attire has needed an overhaul for a while).


Amber Nova gets taken out by Nikki Cross

Ricochet was scheduled for a match, but was instead attacked by Undisputed Era, with Adam Cole claiming he’s not a coward.

Adrian Jaoude is no match for Kassius Ohno

Marcel Bartel loses to Keith Lee in what was the TV debut for both men.

Vanessa Borne gets beaten by Taynara Conti, which allows Conti to take part in the second Mae Young Classic

Gargano and Black fought to a no contest as Ciampa interfered.

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