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Live from the Allstate Arena in the Chicago suburb of Rosemont, Illinois, Tommas Ciampa pulled out win on Johnny Gargano, despite getting the beating of his life, during the 2018 NXT TakeOver: Chicago pay-per-view (PPV). In other TakeOver news, Aleister Black retained his NXT Championship by defeating Lars Sullivan. Additionally, Shayna Baszler and The Undisputed Era also retained their championships, respectively.

Full results of the 2018 NXT TakeOver PPV, below:

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The Undisputed Era (Kyle O’Reilly and Roderick Strong) (with Adam Cole) defeated Oney Lorcan and Danny Burch to retain their NXT Tag Team Champions

An extremely physical and action-packed match, where the Undisputed Era worked like a well-oiled machine and dominated from the get-go. Lorcan and Burch would come back; however, having Adam Cole ringside cost Lorcan and Burch a pin-count (and win), and thus, Cole was sent backstage from the referee. No Cole didn’t seem to matter in the long run, the Undisputed Era were able to pull out a win without him, when Strong pinned Lorcan.

Ricochet defeated Velveteen Dream

Velveteen Dream entered the ring, paying homage to the WWE Hall of Famer Hulk Hogan, with ring attire that mimicked the Immortal One, as well as displaying his signature moves (ear to the crowd, flexing, etc.) to get the fans going prior to the match. Ricochet enter the ring and the two locked up, where the match was rather slow at first, picking up the pace as the time when by. While Dream dominated at first, Ricochet came back, and the match became a very interesting one, with many high-flying moves by both superstars. Dream made several attempts at three-count, and failed; meanwhile Ricochet also failed at a couple of pins, even after an elbow off the top rope. In the end, Ricochet laid his 630 finisher on Dream, gained the three-count and the win.

Shayna Baszler defeated Nikki Cross to retain her NXT Women’s Championship

Doing what she does best, the match started off with Cross begging Shayna to hit her, and even laughing at the champ when she knocked her off her feet. The match eventually got underway, but Baszler was clearly frustrated with Cross’ mind games. Still, the champ launched an offensive attack, even trying to suffocate Cross at one pint in the match; oddly enough, this made Nikki start cackling even more. As such, Cross would come back from her Baszler beating, even attempting some pins; Shayna would also attempt (and fail) a three-count or two. In the end, Baszler retained her championship after placing her signature submission on Cross. While Nikki did not tap out, she did pass out (smiling and all).

Aleister Black defeated Lars Sullivan to retain his NXT Championship

These two dove right into the match, with Black taking the offensive strike initially; however, Sullivan did come back and countered with some devastating moves. The bout would go on, evenly-toned with neither man dominating, and ended up being an incredible one. In the end, Black would lay his Black Mask finisher on Sullivan to gain the win and retain his championship.

Tommaso Ciampa Johnny Gargano – Chicago Street Fight

The action got started fast and furious, with Ciampa and Gargano quickly spilling outside of the ring and taking the fight to the fans. Gargano even used a sign from a fan of his to attack Ciampa, which happened to have a metal STOP sign holding it together. The two would make their way back to into the ring, where Gargano pulled in a trash can, its top, as well as a steel chair. While Gargano was dominant, it wouldn’t take long for Ciampa to come back, throwing Johnny Wrestling around the outside of the ring, like a rag doll.

The two would continue to go back and forth, until Ciampa found a pair of plyers at the bottom of the ring and began to rip the ring’s mat apart, exposing only wood. Ciampa would place Gargano on the top of the ring, trying to slam him down; however, Johnny stopped him in time. In fact, Johnny would take off the brace to expose Ciampa’s injured to knee, targeting it during the match. As the match wore on, Ciampa came back and dragged Gargano along the ramp, throwing him into the wall near the backstage area, in a déjà vu kind of way, as he had done last year during TakeOver. Ciampa would proceed to carry Gargano to the top of some stage crates, and was about to slam him down on a table (about 15 feet down). Before he did, he took off Johnny’s wedding band, spit on it, and threw it away. Before Ciampa as able to slam him on the table, Gargano countered, and it was Tommaso who ended up on the table.

As a result, Ciampa was slapped onto a stretcher, and just as he was about to be carried away backstage, Gargano grabbed him, took him off the stretcher, and threw him back into the ring. He placed his signature submission on him, when officials stepped in; Gargano simply threw the officials out, locked Ciampa in hand cuffs, and continued with the submission hold; still, while Ciampa was tapping out, there was no referee to call it. When officials broke the two up again, Gargano escaped them, and went after Ciampa. In an ironic twist, when Gargano slipped into the ring, Ciampa was able to lay a DDT on him on the exposed ring mat (wood). Ciampa (hand-cuffed and all) was able to lay on top of him and pin Gargano for the three-count, gaining the win.

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