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If you watched this week’s hour of NXT, you probably noticed another item in the WWE Network page for NXT. It was also shown as breaking news on the main page: NXT is getting a new championship!

So, what does it mean, and what do I think? Those seem like two good questions to dive into, right?

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First, what does it mean? Let’s be honest…NXT has a lot of talent, but not enough gold to go around. How many really good NXT alums have graduated and gone on to greatness on the main roster, without ever having held the NXT belt? There are, of course, many explanations for it. Winning the NXT belt helps, but it is of course not a prerequisite to leap up to the main roster. And, some guys may be physically ready to go, and WWE’s main rosters have a void, so some guys just get called up before they had a shot at the big NXT belt. It happens. Timing is everything, and things just don’t always work out.

Even with the addition of the UK belt, by way of the UK tournament, it rarely even feels like there’s a second singles title in NXT. For one thing, that belt is on sparingly. For another, the rumored UK programming has yet to materialize, but when or if it does, I presume the UK belt goes with it and may become a show-specific title.  Also, I do recall reports, going back to at least last year, that WWE was considering adding an additional title to the program. And, now they have done exactly that.

So, what do I think? Well, the announcement of the new North American Championship has me both excited and apprehensive. For one thing, I don’t know if I really like the title name. I think I get the theme here (first UK, then North America, then who knows..), but if you really want to split hairs, shouldn’t we then revamp the UK title to become a fresh European title? Or do we follow Brexit and keep a UK title and eventually we are going to get an EMEA belt, or something similar? While nothing was announced, you can at least see the possible long range thinking.

Having heard rumors of this belt for a while, I am glad we are finally getting to see it become real. But, here’s what I find funny about it all. It’s called the North American title, right? Well, I know we already have the UK title….which has never been held by a non UK wrestler (doesn’t mean it can’t be…just that it has yet to happen). So you’d almost expect that the wrestler would need to be from North America, at least initially, right? Except, the first men vying for this new belt are anything but North American only. While the ladder match (yes folks, a ladder match!) has North American talent in the match, there is one man (who is very good), who is not (that being Killian Dain). It’s mostly semantics, I’d say…but it made me laugh. Also, considering the talent in NXT…and taking nothing away from these wrestlers…but I was a bit surprised that both ECIII and Riccochet were put in it. Like, yes, they were or are good…but maybe make them work a bit before giving them a title shot? I could have made a case for No Way Jose or Kassius Ohno or someone in that mold before going and bringing in two new faces.

In the end, I will say this. New belts are exciting. Ladder matches are exciting. Having six men battling to see who wins the first ever NXT North American title? Should be another awesome TakeOver match. WrestleNewz readers…what do you think of the news?

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