On Friday night, at the Hall of Fame ceremony, we get Kurt Angle, live and in living color once again on WWE programming. It’s something some thought might never happen again. It’s something that many have hoped for for years and years. So, now we have it. And it should be the start of something bigger.

Would we love to see another Angle match? I would, but not with the risks that come with it. I know plenty of people wouldn’t be as concerned. But, fear not fans. Just because I wouldn’t want to see Kurt back and active in the ring, does not mean I wouldn’t love to see him play a more active and regular role on WWE TV.

And, as it so happens, there is an extremely high profile job open on Monday nights…

And, of course, he’s one of the prominent options pitched on WWE’s own website. So I think there is creedence to it. It’s pretty much the perfect role for a retired, or semi-retired guy who can talk, can pop a crowd, and who wants to stick around and make a nice paycheck. And, as we’ve seen, you don’t need to be on there each and every single show, especially when you have Stephanie McMahon hanging out on the show too.

And, let’s not forget…the blue brand GM is likely slated for some paternity leave very shortly. So, in theory, there’s a potential second opening, though that one would only seem to be a temp position.

And, in either case, as an on screen role like General Manager needs to get filled…how is such a role NOT suited for Kurt Angle?

I think it would be perfect.

I mean, the only other role I would even want to suggest him for? Maybe a Jesse Ventura type role at the announce table…but seeing as both shows have a pretty crowded booth as it is? I don’t exactly see that happening.

So, WNZ readers…are you excited about the possibility of an Angle GM turn?

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