On Friday, WWE inducts Kurt Angle into it’s Hall of Fame. It will be the first time he will have appeared for WWE in quite some time, and it’s an honor he has very much earned. One thing that has been talked about for years, especially as his TNA contract status fluctuated, is if he has one more WWE run left in him. And, hot on the heels of Goldberg’s improbable return and championship run, I think many people are asking this even more. So, should he stay retired?

In a word? Yes.

Why? Look, do not get me wrong. I think a healthy Angle could give us some great matches. It’s a shame, in a way, that some great matches of his were done for TNA and not on a much bigger stage. But, he’s had health issues. There were reasons he left WWE, and part of them were over injury concerns. TNA was desperate for a huge name, and Angle was it. Can he still work a match? Probably. Does he have injury risks, more than most? More than likely.

To me, the risk is not worth the reward. WWE does not want to take on the liability, without a doubt. They don’t want to have Kurt Angle get paralyzed on a PPV. While such an injury could happen to anyone at any time in the ring (look at what happened to Austin at Owen’s hand), with Angle they know there is likely a greater risk. So, with that alone said, it’s an easy no. I mean, I’d like to think Daniel Bryan is a much more likely guy to return, and the door seems damn near welded shut there, so…that’s that.

The other point I’d make? If there was even the slimmest chance that he could or would wrestle again, I think it would be bad form to induct him this year. Meaning if, say, they envision a match or two later this year, they shouldn’t be enshrining him. As with most actual sports, once inducted, it’s pretty much a non-starter to go back and become active again. Not impossible, just exceedingly rare. And yes, part of that is because most times, guys retire when they are older, and in order to enter the Hall, you need to be out for several years. However, we all know the WWE Hall of Fame isn’t exactly on that level, so you do have to toss out logic to a degree. All that said, I think it would be really odd to induct him on Friday, only to have him work matches later.

For me, the right answer would be for WWE to secure the TNA tape library and churn out a “Best of Angle” series, and call it a day.

Do you think Angle should stay retired?

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