On last week’s edition of RAW, none other than Mr. WrestleMania himself showed up to spend some quality  time with Roman Reigns, trying to talk some sense into the Big Dog about his prospects against The Undertaker at WreslteMania next month.

Fans were happy to see Shawn, but Roman was not. And, Shawn’s appearance had no positive impact on Reigns, if you ask me. It’s clear that WWE has decided it’s time, yet again, for them to pull out all the stops and push Reigns where almost no one wants him to be pushed. If you don’t believe me, did you see the rumors about the possible main event at next year’s WrestleMania? Reigns and Lesnar, with the hopes of making Reigns their next Cena? I mean, look, I get it. Cena moves merchandise and has mass appeal-even if half the arenas boo him on a regular basis. But, here’s the deal. Reigns does not have the same appeal. He’s booed by a lot more than half an arena, and I can’t see him having that same level of appeal as Cena does. I can’t see him possibly hosting an SNL (and even if he did, I wouldn’t tune in). I can’t see him hosting the Kid’s Choice Awards (though, it would be fun seeing him slimed). And I don’t see him getting all cozy on “The Today Show”.

So, I don’t think there is a Superstar, past or present (or future) who could save Reigns, at least not at the moment. Fans want to organically, spontaneously, back their guys. They want to love a Daniel Bryan or an AJ Styles. Or even guys down in NXT like DIY and Oney Lorcan. They don’t want some suit in Stamford telling them who should be the top babyface. I mean, that isn’t even how Cena really got over, if you think about it. Yes, he was pushed. All the top stars are. But he wasn’t forced down throats. Reigns has been, and it’s been to his detriment.

And no one. Not Shawn Michaels, not The Undertaker. No one. Can get him over until that stops. And let it be said: if WWE has Reigns defeat The Dead Man, that’s as sure a way as any to ensure Roman Reigns will be more despised than liked. I think the big question now is….who will WWE trot out next to try and resurrect Roman?

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