Over the last few months, we’ve had a couple guys rise from the depths of obscurity to go from jobbers and jokes to positions of prominence. Maybe hero is too strong (OK, it IS too strong, but it rhymed and made for a good title). Think about it…James Ellsworth is now someone you see on your television on a weekly basis. Jinder Mahal was a mid-carder, bordering on jobber. Then he wasn’t even on the roster. And now? Oh, he just has a championship match at Backlash in a week. So, it got me wondering: who could be next? So, here are some options…

Titus. Why not? Why couldn’t The Titus Brand finally get over? How many times have we been force-fed that he’s a big guy, athletic, and talent in bunches? A couple years ago, it seemed like the Prime Time Players might have been the opening to bigger and better things, but that didn’t exactly pan out. He even got himself suspended a bit ago for getting a little too touchy feely with Vince on stage. But he’s still out there every week, and who knows if things will finally elevate him. He’s now getting cozy with Apollo Crews, so the question there is…will Titus be bad for Apollo, or will Apollo be good for Titus?

Curtis Axel. Here’s someone who was once a Paul Heyman Guy. Remember those? And, of course, let’s not forget, he does have the burden of being the son of Mr. Perfect. He certainly has the size and he seems like he’s talented enough to survive in the ring…but can he put it all together? Could he stick around and actually get a push and do something bigger in WWE? Honestly, I think the best thing for Axel would be getting “future endeavor’d”, catching on either in Japan or perhaps ROH. And getting to work harder and wrestle more and at that point, either he’s going to be reborn and WWE will want him back…or he’s going to look no better there than he has in WWE.

Bo Dallas. Here’s another multi-generational talent. And, he’s got the additional burden of having a brother in the company at the same time, someone who is doing much better in WWE than Bo is. So what should happen? This one isn’t as obvious, to me, as Axel. Bo has clearly done well before (look at his time in NXT). So, I have to think the ability is still there…he just needs to flip the switch. Now, is the “switch” a change in gimmick? Does he do the inevitable and partner up with Bray and join his family? Does he continue to do it on his own, Bolieving in himself to get it done? I think either would work, and I actually think either could happen. Part of me wonders though, if he wouldn’t be better off getting some exposure elsewhere first. But, I’d be shocked to see WWE let him go yet. I think they’d be more likely to ship him off to NXT before sending him his release papers.

WNZ readers…what jobber level talent would you like to see get an unlikely push?

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