Let me preface this one by saying, I fully realize this is an absolutely crazy and insane long shot. As in, there’s like, no way it would happen. But…let’s just play along here for a moment, shall we?

Hideo Itami, as we all know, is facing Bobby Roode on Saturday for the NXT Championship. In, of course…Chicago. The hometown of one C.M. Punk.

What finisher has Itami been rocking? The G2S.

What finisher did Punk make famous? That very same G2S.

So what if the match was a classic. Back and forth. And Itami, out of nowhere, got Roode up and drilled him with the G2S. Crowd gets excited, thinks it’s finally Hideo’s time. And then….that familiar song hits, and the crowd erupts. Itami, like everyone else, is stunned. And either a stare down ensues, allowing Roode to recover and steal the win…or Punk nails his own G2S, allowing Roode to retain.

Now, again, I preface this by saying…there would be absolutely no logical reason or explanation as to why WWE would bring back a megastar like Punk, a former main roster mainstay, down to NXT. But, why couldn’t they? Even if it’s a one night only thing? Just to prove that on any given night, on any given show, anything can happen in WWE.

I mean…all of these huge stars always return on RAW, or sometimes SmackDown, and of course, their respective PPV. They could never get someone to come back on an NXT special, could they?

Why not? I mean, NXT has had some pretty spiffy returns and debuts over the last couple years. Even if it is just one night only, why not have Punk show up?

Why they should do it: Because, it would be absolutely legendary. Incredibly awesome. The stuff that just goes down in history. The night that C.M. Punk came back to WWE and left his mark on NXT.

Why they shouldn’t: Because, he’s one of the most desired guys at this point. How many C.M. Punk chants have we heard on RAW or SmackDown. Especially of late. The fans…the crowd…they would be ecstatic. But Punk is a Superstar, a main roster draw. Taking him and using him as a surprise…but on NXT? That would just be crazy!

So, WNZ readers….assuming for just a moment that it was even possible…would you have Punk make a surprise appearance at TakeOver?

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