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In a decision that was made with rather little fanfare, WWE decided to end the brand-specific PPVs yet again. With WrestleMania in the books, we have no single brand PPV events planned for the future. Now, of course, we all know that plans change and in a year I could very well be writing here welcoming back the brand specific shows. But for now, it’s open season on the new era of shared PPVs.

Why I like the idea

It’s something different. It opens up new possibilities, where you have the entire WWE main roster under the same roof (officially) at least once a month. And, it also does somewhat cut down on my major event coverage per month (but, that’s really not something you guys care about). I think the best part though, is that we would get better overall cards. Sometimes, both brands suffered from a lack of depth, where we might end up with eight matches, but half the card was forgettable. Now? Now we ought to get the best four or five matches from each brand, leading to better overall shows. I mean, NXT rocks it out with five on their PPVs…so if we get each brand’s best four or five, we should be in good shape, right?

Why I dislike the idea

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Think of how deep the rosters have gotten. By combining forces, it’s going to mean one of a few things: the shows get longer or guys get less and less opportunity to shine. I mean, think of it like this. Let’s say we are getting 5 matches from each brand. In theory, these should always happen on a given PPV:

  • World title defense
  • women’s championship defense
  • IC/US title defense
  • tag title defense

For those of you keeping track, that is 4 title matches per brand, and we really should have them all slotted in. Which leaves us with two matches to fill. And while we could skip a title match or two, would you really want to? Yes, I know that WWE has done that before, where a particular belt isn’t defended on PPV in months, but I am no fan of that. So, there will be, or probably will be, fewer opportunities for other matches. Which means some folks may not be happy, and may opt to leave.

The more I work through things, the more I am a fan of keeping at least some brand split in effect for PPVs. For now, we wait for that to materialize.

WNZ readers, are you excited for or against the brands sharing PPVs?

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