If you caught Fastlane, you know that we got the latest in drama between Shane McMahon, Sami Zayn and Kevin Owens.

If you did not catch Fastlane, go do that now, because…well…spoilers ahead!

OK, with that said, we all know that during the match, Sami and Kevin battled to the outside, just after Zayn appeared to lay down for Owens. Owens opted to not believe that, and all hell broke loose. Once things spilled to the floor, Zayn stared at McMahon, sitting pretty at ringside, and decided to run his mouth, asking Shane if he was happy that Zayn and Owens were now brawling. Shane sort of engaged but mostly brushed it off.

Then Zayn dodged an incoming kick from Kevin Owens…and Shane took it and went down.

As things moved back inside, Owens had a winning pin, no apparent doubt about it…and then Shane pulled the official out.

Then it was Zayn’s turn….and Shane pulled Zayn out too.

Ultimately AJ Styles won, but now both Owens and Zayn are going to have a beef with their boss, to go on the long list of issues between these three. So, what next?

First, I’d imagine there will be some heat from SmackDown General Manager Daniel Bryan, who was not present at the show. He may not be happy that Owens kicked his boss, but no doubt Bryan will counter that the kick was meant not for Shane, but for Zayn.

Then, there will surely be anger from both Owens and Zayn, with each arguing that without Shane, one of them would be heading to WrestleMania to face Shinsuke Nakamura.

So where does this all lead?

My best guess: a tag team match between the team of Kevin and Sami, versus Shane McMahon and….well, who?

So, it’s time for me to throw out some names for possible McMahon partners when we arrive in New Orleans.

1. Chris Jericho

To me, the list could stop and end there. We can tell that Jericho is in ring shape-he just worked in Japan-so rust should not be an issue. He has existing backstory between he and Kevin Owens, so that part makes it an easy story. Now, the question is, could this stay a secret until WrestleMania? I doubt it.

2. The Big Show

It’s a way to get the big man away from RAW and Braun Strowman. He’s supposedly intending to be back for the massive show, and it would be hard to argue that Show wouldn’t tip things in Shane’s favor.

3. Daniel Bryan

I put this here to discuss, and that’s about it. Daniel has not, to my knowledge, been cleared to wrestle, which means this is very much a long shot. Then there’s the idea that for the most part, he’s sided on Owens’ and Zayn’s side of things during much of the disputes, so I really expect Daniel to remain neutral as well.

So, WNZ readers…would you pick one of those three? If not, who would you have in mind? Or does WWE not even book it as a tag match?

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