We are mere days away from the absolute biggest show of the year. We should, in theory, get more excitement and surprises out of the next few days that we do from almost any other part of the WWE year. So, what surprises might we get on Sunday? (I’ve left out the RAW/SmackDown following the big day, but who knows, maybe we will cover that on Monday).

1-A surprise entrant in the Andre Battle Royal

Actually, expect several here, though WWE may need to be careful, as I think this one is rapidly swelling to the size of their January PPV, in terms of participants. Because we did not see a Shaq/Show match materialize, I am expecting Shaq to show up and have a role. I also expect an NXT call-up to step in and make some noise, though this year it’s a tougher call as there is no Baron Corbin waiting down in NXT. Dillinger is kind of the easy pick, which is why I don’t expect it to be him. This match would be silly for a Nakamura or similar debut, so I leave the top guys off. Could WWE thrust Ohno to the main roster? Doubt it. I’m thinking we get something like Ciampa and/or Gargano.

2-A Legend will be in the house

Look, WrestleMania is in Florida. Hulk Hogan is in Florida. Hulk IS WrestleMania. And, many indications are that he may soon be out of time out. We all know that, if there’s a lull between matches, and all of a sudden “Real American” comes on the sound system? The place will become unglued.

Will it happen? I don’t know. Should it? Count me as a yes vote!

3-We won’t see Matt or Jeff.

We all know the Boyz have been freed from TNA. We know they’ve been teasing their eventual homecoming. I just don’t think it’s coming Sunday. Not unless Jimmy and Jey work a bit more and have two matches.

4-Tyler Bate, or another UK competitor, shows up.

After a really good UK tournament, my gut says we get someone from that group to get an invite to at least the battle royal on Sunday. They may not stick around long, but having seen bursts of UK involvement, now is as good a time as any for another appearance.

5-Someone leaves as champion, whom we did not expect.

This could mean that, say, Charlotte wins when all signs pointed to Bayley. We could see something, a la Hogan beating Yokozuna in an unannounced match for a championship. However it happens, however it is chosen to be done, I have a feeling we will get a curve ball.

WNZ readers…what surprises do you most hope for, or expect?

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