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But, probably won’t.

Akam and Rezar are young, physical beasts, dominating NXT since they debuted. They are, of course, the NXT tag team champions. And, it’s entirely possible to see WWE bringing them up sooner than later, especially if a team like the Hardyz might be going solo, and the injury bug can’t stay away from The Revival. So, it would make some sense to see WWE call up the duo sooner than one might expect.

And, as a fan, as a lover of tag team wrestling, I beg WWE: have patience with these two. Resist the urge.

After all, both men are under 25. Some of the youngest talent WWE has, and surely some of the brightest. But they have time. They can and should take it slower. While they could impress and continue to dominate when moved up to the main roster, they could also be a flash in the pan. WWE is better off looking at the long term play here, versus the short term gains.

I totally get wanting the big, bright stars on the big stage. But at the same time, WWE has, in the past, taken it’s time with other, even more proven commodities. Look at how long Samoa Joe worked in NXT before coming up-and he was a seasoned veteran. Look at Asuka, here and now. Longest reigning champion in WWE history, undefeated in NXT. She’s someone who could have…should have…been called up. So there is a precedent for WWE having patience, and here’s another time for them to have it.

WNZ readers…do you think WWE should indeed be patient? Or are the Authors ready for prime time?

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