Real AmericansFrom the moment that Zeb Colter united Jack Swagger with that paragon of American virtues, Antonio Cesaro, astute observers in the wrestling world saw the potential inherent in a team complete with one of the best micmen in the biz, an incredible wrestler, and a former All-American who was touted as a successor to Kurt Angle. However, after the initial creation of the Real Americans, there existence was anything but special. They had some great spots in the MITB ladder match, but were mostly feuding with low level tag teams or having singles matches on Main Event/Superstars. After not getting much recognition for their collective skill or ability, the Real Americans are finally in a position to show the wrestling world at large the depth of their talent.

After beating the Rhodes brothers in a non-title match, the Real Americans are now in the title hunt for the tag team gold. No doubt their push is a part of the initiative to strengthen the tag team division, but given the talent levels of the people involved in this team. You’ll find very few people complaining. Keep in mind that they’re not even supposed to be here: Swagger is supposed to be in the Main Event either still holding the title or chasing it, and no one knows for sure what the plans were for Cesaro. But fate took its own path and they worked with what they were given.

SwaggerPersonality wise they’re disparate: Swagger’s still running with the intensity that brought him to career heights earlier this cesaro bryan fightyear, while Cesaro has a funny side that you can view at will on WWE’s YouTube channel. (That’s not a plug.) For two singles wrestlers, however, they unite well under Zeb’s flag to create a superb team. Their chemistry makes the team believable. Although they have somewhat different personas, they are both hardy, tough, gritty guys hell bent on punishing opponents by limb manipulation or gutwrenches and very European uppercuts. That identity allows them to mesh and create a nice dynamic duo.

The combination of Cesaro and Swagger creates such a wealth of wrestling talent that the team can do almost anything asked of them in the ring. Very few tag teams in America can currently outwrestle these two. Jack Swagger’s a very good wrestler, but Antonio Cesaro is legitimately one of the best in the world. As a three man unit they are uniquely skilled. Zeb can get almost anything over in a promo and these two can go in the ring and back up those words (or betray them while getting the opponent over convincingly, if necessary). The WWE has been very big on trios lately, and this trio was severely underrated for a time (and still are to an extent) but finally, the team is getting the spotlight befitting of this group.

With a nice tandem entrance, good psychology that keeps the team united (the myopia of supporting a xenophobic leader), and athletic,  double team moves, they form a believable team capable of towering over most other teams, both figuratively with Zeb’s mic skills and literally with the height of Cesaro and Swagger. Both guys want to hit the ring, “beat you up” as JR would say, and leave, a testament to the forceful, battering style of the Real Americans.

Banner Real AmericansWith immense talent, good chemistry, and a uniform identity, the Real Americans were instantly a pair to watch when they started tagging together. They have finally been given the exposure a team with this level of talent needs to reach the heights that it should ascend to in the WWE. A rugged, tough, relentless team, they probably won’t win the tag titles, but having more eyeballs watch Swagger swiftly execute the Swagger Bomb only for Cesaro to cleverly follow that up by literally jumping over Swagger to execute a stomp will give them good exposure and tune the greater WWE crowd into a talented team that they need to see. And even if the Real Americans were to win the tag titles, would you complain?

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